The Program

This is what some of your colleagues are saying...

"I was blind and now I SEE! Warrior Coaching has allowed the scales to fall off my eyes to see my TRUE CALLING AND PURPOSE to TRANSFORM AND SAVE LIVES! Imagine what your life would look like for just one day if you were to be intentional and play full out with the gifts God has given you … then multiply that by months, and then years! It’s called freedom! Free to serve and love large, and live out the life that was designed for you from the beginning. That’s what Warrior is all about. I was once 90% insurance, now I’m 90% cash and will never look back or lose sleep over insurance audits again."

-Dr. A.K., Peoria, AZ-
"Warrior Coaching has truly transformed my family and practice by transforming me from the inside out. In my career, I have listened to hundreds of hours of Chiropractic coaches, philosophy and technique, but nothing has impacted me more than the principles and application taught through Warrior Coaching. I now serve more families who value their care and are committed to life long wellness Chiropractic. My body is in the best physical shape of my life, and my heart feels free to SERVE MORE, LOVE MORE AND BE MORE than I could ever be on my own."

-Dr. F.S., Oakville, ON-
"What can I say about Warrior Coaching and the impact it has had on the lives of so many Chiropractors including my own? In a word it’s been TRANSFORMATIONAL!

While so many coaching programs focus on creating this massive new patient mill in the Doc’s practice, Warrior works to TRANSFORM the Doctor from the ABOVE-DOWN-INSIDE-OUT. When the Doc is awakened to the calling on their life, every facet of their life is transformed … a transformed Doctor equals a transformed marriage, a transformed family life, a transformed physical body, transformed relationships and YES … a transformed practice. Growth then becomes inevitable – Growth in every dimension! So the question is, very simply … ARE YOU READY TO BE TRANSFORMED???"

-Dr. M.F., Orangeville, ON-
"My name is Dr. Jeremiah, I have been practicing Principled Chiropractic for 12 years. I have coached with some amazing groups over the years and have been mentored by many awesome chiropractors. In November 2013, I went to the Warrior Coaching Leadership Summit. I was amazed at the energy, the love , and the Spirit of God! I knew that Warrior was the next step to grow me and expand my vision. Since joining, I have been more DISCIPLINED AND EMPOWERED TO SERVE. My VISION FOR CHIROPRACTIC IS LARGER THAN EVER,and I am enjoying more balance with my family as well."

-Dr. J.S., Erie Pennsylvania-

After establishing one of the largest chiropractic practices in the world, Dr.s Yurij Chewpa and Ed Quirk founded Warrior Coaching in 2002 to teach chiropractors how to serve more sick and suffering people. Warrior's mission is to set people free to live the abundant life!

Warrior Coaching has helped 100’s of chiropractors create the practice of their dreams by creating unique and effective practice procedures and processes. Warrior teaches time tested best practices from start up right through to lifetime wellness care.

Warrior clients have achieved unparalleled practice success and profitability in their practices, and they also have learned how to structure all the other areas of their lives properly. Warrior principles include putting God first (ahead of everyone and everything else), family second, and practice/business third.

Warrior teaches clients that success comes from training the physical body, the soul, and the spirit. The right training, with the right intensity, in the right areas.

With this focus, Warrior clients are able to achieve unprecedented success in their marriages, with their families, and in practice.

From a training perspective, what makes Warrior Coaching stand out from all other programs is their focus on personal growth. Most doctors know what to do in practice but don’t necessarily do what they know.

Surprisingly, the number one predictor of practice success is not what most people think. It is not  about having a great vision or mission, or great procedures and processes, or even great chiropractic technique, although all those are very important. The best indicator of success is having the ability to step into fear and take action. Most people are paralyzed by worrying about what other people will think or say about them if they move to create change.

Warrior teaches people how to step into fear and take action.  

Underpinning everything else, Warrior Coaching is founded on Christian principles and Biblical values. We want to help you understand who God made you to be, who you are in God’s eyes, and the plan and calling that He has for your life. Once you know that then the training begins.

Everyday we get emails and cards from clients who are experiencing unprecedented growth in every area of their lives. Practices are exploding, marriages are restored, families are healed, and relationships are mended. Every area is under construction and moving forward under the banner of God’s love. That is the abundant life.

One more amazing thing. The principles Warrior Coaching teaches work for all businesses and for all leaders. We have a growing list of clients that are business leaders, entrepreneurs, and leaders in ministry who are also experiencing tremendous breakthroughs.


WARRIOR clients make a commitment to be coached for a minimum of 12 months. During that 12 month period they receive:

  • 4 – 2-DAY seminars
  • 2 – intensive training CAMPS
  • 6 – teaching CONFERENCE calls
  • 12 – Q & A calls
  • 12 – personal ONE ON ONE calls
  • 24 – calls with an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER
  • Monthly CELL GROUP training, in many areas of Canada and into the United States of America.

Clients also receive a play book with all the WARRIOR procedures and support material including the CONVERSION and RECONVERSION DVD’s.