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Dr. Yurij provides weekly coaching messages to help you live out your God given purpose.

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  • Sep2Fri

    Are You Playing Chameleon or Full Out?

    September 2, 2016
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    The Warrior Way

    I recently listened to an audio blog post that made some great points but I disagreed with one main statement.
    He said that we should try to eliminate cognitive dissonance wherever possible in order to reduce stress in the practice for the doctor and the patient.

  • Dec3Thu

    A Quick Glance in the Rear View Mirror

    December 3, 2015
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    The Warrior Way
    Goal setting is known to be one of the greatest indicators of future success

    We have all experienced or heard stories about people writing goals down in a journal or on a scrap piece of paper and finding the paper years or decades later and seeing that many or all the goals that were written down and long ago forgotten were brought into reality.

    I've read studies showing that out of an entire graduating class only 5% will have written goals and decades later these goal setters represent 95% of the wealth from that class.