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  • 1. Surround yourself with good people.
    There are two different points to make here. First, if you are an entrepreneur and you want to expand your influence and scale your business, you have to hire good people who are smarter than you are in the areas that you need the most help with. In your lifetime you will be able to become a master in one area, two at the most. Unfortunately, that is not enough to run a successful business.

    The second point about surrounding yourself with good people is to look at who your friends are. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to outgrow your peer group. We become who we hang out with. If you step out and begin to change, your peer group will consciously or subconsciously work towards bringing you back in line to the norm. So choose your tribe carefully. That's one of the greatest things that I love about Warrior Coaching.  The people in Warrior constantly inspire me to keep getting better!

    2. Hire slow and fire fast.
    This one I am guilty of getting wrong a lot of times over the years. We end up hiring during a crisis and try to fill a gap instead of always looking to trade up when hiring. But even with the best screening and interview process you can still end up hiring the wrong person for the position. I have been guilty of giving too many second chances because I didn't want to be the bad guy and it has never ended well. Sometimes you just can't get a chicken to soar like an eagle. Maybe a better way of saying it would be you cannot get a guard dog like a Doberman to become a great retriever. The reality is that you are not doing yourself or your new hire any favours by keeping them in a position that doesn't suit them and they cannot excel in.

    3. Make decisions quickly, change them rarely: ready, fire, aim, fire, aim, fire, aim...
    This one is a great one! You are back from the Dreams to Goals Seminar full of goals and action steps that you have committed to doing. It's Monday morning and you committed to make some changes, but now it feels like these changes are so scary and they may never see the light of day. A typical survival pattern would be to procrastinate until you get everything lined up perfectly. The problem is that it will never be perfect and therefore never get done. So get to the office and pull the trigger before you are ready and then adjust from there.  Pulling the trigger will take courage but that is the only way to reach your promised land and that is where your purpose resides. Once you are moving in the right direction, stay the course and give yourself the opportunity to succeed. Don't change your mind at the first sign of adversity. 

    Once again, let's continue the conversation!  I look forward to your comments.

    Coach Yurij 


    On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, David Cameron said:

    Timely and on point. A wrong hire and extra chances is extremely costly. It affects the bottom line, the team, and all the people who consider our practice “their people”. Thanks for the clarity, and the encouragement that comes from being part of this ‘tribe’ - it helps me remember that this is just a season and we move forward together..


    On Thursday, February 7, 2019, Craig Cocek said:

    A lot of beauties in that one Yurij! I’ve learned that I’m only one piece of the puzzle within my team. I focus a lot on training them as I train myself- they know we are all in this together and play a huge role in the healing process of each individual patient! Awesome! Keep these posts coming!

    We cannot do what we do without team!


    On Thursday, February 7, 2019, Brad P said:

    Great post Yurij. The people and ideas of Warrior are what have helped transform my life. Love being part of this Tribe! I remember walking in to the first ever seminar and just thinking “my people”.

    That is a great testimony given that at the time you were one of our early business guys. Now all the business guys and gals are such a big part of Warrior.


    On Thursday, February 7, 2019, David Covey said:

    Great post coach! Warrior has been a community of great people that bring me up with them, growing alongside them. Thank you for pouring your life into us!

    You are welcome. Great to have you part of the team.


    On Wednesday, February 6, 2019, Dr. Dmitri Sokolov said:

    Thank you Yurij! To your 2nd point,From my experience to find people who can produce well consistently that have to be well paid and appreciated. Very dearly almost never people who can produce stick around if they underpaid. Someone will offer them more if they are not happy paid.

    Well said Dmitri, I believe that being appreciated is as or even more important than being paid. A lot has been said about team in the past but we have to create a culture were people feel like they are part of a team that has a common purpose.


    On Wednesday, February 6, 2019, Darryl Thomson said:

    Great “blog” (is that what you call it?) today. I was thinking when I first started Warrior I was so intimidated with all these great achievers and confident people around me. I felt a bit inadequate and really out of place. I quickly realized tho that unless I hung around great people then my hopes of excelling were dramatically reduced. So I quietly just snuck in and maybe didn’t say much but I figured by osmosis and rubbing the odd shoulder and maybe even getting in the way something would happen. And that made ALL the difference. Thank you brother and sister Warriors.

    Go Warrior tribe. The best!

    On Wednesday, February 6, 2019, Alan O'Connor said:

    Amen, Yurij. This was very timely for us.


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