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Dr. Yurij provides weekly coaching messages to help you live out your God given purpose.

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  • These next three strategies are super important!  Ignore at your peril!!

    1.Discipline is freedom.
    Most people feel like the opposite is true. They think that if they are free to do whatever they want they'll be happy. No way!!! The people that are going for it and having the biggest impact on this planet consistently work on limiting their options. You need to look at what your God given purpose is in this life and go after that. Set your schedule for every week, month, and year ahead of time and follow your schedule.

    Take a look back at how you have been spending your time.  How are you spending the currency of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years of your life? You will quickly identify where your priorities lie by looking where you are spending your time. Let's get honest and let's get real.

    2. Be willing to endure pain.
    Don't be a baby and stop at the first sign of pain. Train in the pain in order to get comfortable in it. You cannot get positive adaptation in your body, soul or spirit by going easy and light. You have to push yourself beyond where your body and soul are screaming to stop. Do this intense training 2 to 4 times per week. Add easy training on the other days for recovery, but do something to move your body 7 days a week. Understand that your physical training will enhance every other area of your life.

    The equivalent of training in the pain for your soul is stepping into fear. Remember that your God given purpose, your promised land, resides on the other side of fear. God doesn't allow us to see clearly beyond the next scary step so by taking that next step you are revealing your purpose and nothing is more important than that.

    Soul Training in the Pain=Stepping into Fear.

    3. Believe that if someone else can do it, YOU can do it.
    Everyone has their own unique purpose but God uses other people to provide a vision of what is possible and to inspire you to go for it.  He also provides mentors who have gone before you and can help to train you up on your journey.

    Listen to your mentors and coaches and do what they say. Remember, if you keep failing at something go back and do what your coach told you to do in the first place!

    Coach Yurij


    On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, David Cameron said:

    If someone else can do it, I can do it! Amen


    On Tuesday, February 12, 2019, Jessica Willox said:

    Every post in this series has been so timely and powerful. Thank you!

    You are welcome.

    On Tuesday, February 12, 2019, David Covey said:

    Discipline. Pain. Endure. Overcome fear. Believe! Thanks coach!


    On Tuesday, February 12, 2019, Josh Cairns said:

    Thanks for this Yurij!


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