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  • #005 Three Areas of Discipline that Transformed Dr Jeremiah Schreiber's Life  | With Dr Ed Quirk

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    Here is What We Covered On W1R #005

    • Dr. Schreiber reveals that although his practice volume has exceeded 1000 visits per week he has never experienced what he considers to be “explosive growth".
    • How long his practice was “stuck” at 120 visits/week.
    • What made his practice double from 120/week to 240/week in less than 12 months.
    • How OUR vision for our patients can make all the difference for THEM.
    • After 10 years of being coached by several different programs, Dr Jeremiah was feeling “burned-out” by the coaching scene.  In this interview he describes what was so different about the Warrior experience (it's not what you think).  
    • Dr Jeremiah describes the wrestling match between wanting to spend enough time with children and opening up more hours at his chiropractic clinic to accommodate the growth he was experiencing.
    • The three areas of discipline that transformed Jeremiah on the inside before his practice and life was transformed on the outside

    You can check out Dr Jeremiah's website here.


    On Tuesday, June 2, 2015, Dr. Julie Donoso said:

    Thanks for sharing your heart brother. I'm that stuck Chiropractor wanting MORE! Ready to grow BIG this year. See you at Leadership!


    On Tuesday, June 2, 2015, Lindsay said:

    Great interview Jeremiah, I can really hear your heart. I believe that one of the best things about Warrior Coaching is the focus on the heart of the chiropractor or business person to serve others.


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