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  • Here goes Part 3!  My hope is that you are engaging in one of these strategies as they get published. This is a great time of year to start focusing on your dreams and goals for 2019.

    Soul Training- Part 3- Steps 7-9

    7. Understand How Much You are Willing to Sacrifice to Achieve Your Goals.
    It's one thing to set lofty goals. It's a whole different thing to calculate the hard work, pain, and sacrifice that it's going to take to get there.
    In Warrior we have a goal setting strategy where you have to pick a reward for hitting your goal and purchase/plan it ahead of time. You cannot receive your reward until you hit your goal, and if you don't hit you have to give your reward away. It's gut check time when you contemplate how big the reward is going to be. The bigger the reward, the bigger the sacrifice and the more likely it is you will achieve your goal.

    8. Create Realistic Timelines.
    The truth is that most people overestimate their short term goals and vastly underestimate their long term goals.
    It takes time to get some momentum going when we first start taking action and our initial efforts show little in the way of results.
    The key is to consistently take action over broad time lines. 

    The flip side to the short term goals is that the longer you stay in the game, the better you will become at what you do and the more expertise you will acquire. Most people quit and retire just as they are getting into their prime earning years. Do what you love and love what you do.  Stay at it. Don't quit early- people are counting on you to finish strong.

    9. Focus on One Goal at a Time.
    If you are a business leader or an entrepreneur you will have many different goals in the various parts of your life. Spiritual, relational, family, career, financial etc. Along with these goals you will have Gap projects and next action steps, however, your brain works best when it is able to focus on one thing at a time.
    In your weekly vision time (or daily morning time) organize your Division 2 and prioritize the action steps according to a timeline for the day. Execute each action step one at a time according to its priority.

    Let me know what you are working on and how it is helping you by leaving a comment. 

    Step it out.

    Coach Yurij


    On Monday, January 7, 2019, Stephen Lippitt said:

    Hey Yurij, when you suggest to only focus on one goal at a time, are you referring to one goal "in the moment" during your week at a specific scheduled time? It seems like I always have multiple goals going on at once during my day/week/quarter, and have always found the concept of "One goal at a time" challenging.

    Great question Steve.
    You should have multiple goals in your WarriorWay90Day but be focused on one goal at a time at a specific time. Trying to multitask will hinder your focus and diminish results. Plan specific times throughout the day, week and month to tackle various projects and prioritize in order of importance.

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