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    Are You Playing Musical Chairs?

    September 25, 2015
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    Taking lots of good ideas from many sources and trying to implement them on your own may sound like good advice at first glance, but does it really work in practice and in life?

    I have not seen any evidence that this strategy actually works. In fact, I have witnessed first hand that the opposite is often true.
    Here is what I have found relating to this statement over the last 30 years in practice and 15 years of coaching hundreds of chiropractors.

    1. The number one reason practices and businesses grow is that the person leading it grows.
    You can get dozens of great ideas from seminars, colleagues, and friends, but the reality is that most people become paralyzed by the abundance of choice and don't end up implementing any of the ideas. They dabble with different ideas but they rarely commit to them.

    2. Most leaders look to coaches or seminars because they want to break through to a new level of service.
    They are stuck where they are for a reason. More good ideas is rarely the solution.

    What precipitates change is personal growth and the ability to overcome fear.

    This is truly the source of inside out growth; changing the leader from the inside out.
    Adding good ideas is a total 'outside in' job and rarely works. It's like musical chairs.  Eventually you end up on the outside with nowhere to sit.
    However, once the inside out work is done, then the outside ideas can get implemented and growth can be immediate and significant. 

    3. When new ideas are implemented they rarely happen without resistance and early failure.
    Without proper coaching and a support system to ask questions and work through implementation strategies, the new ideas often get dropped when met with resistance.

    4. Many good ideas are not great ideas.
    I have watched chiropractors implement strategies that complicate their practice and confuse their patients and then they wonder why they don't grow. 
    Ideas that work at one volume most often do not work at the next.
    5. If good ideas and learning from everyone were a good strategy for growth, then most chiropractors should be seeing 100's of patients a day.
    The reality is that I regularly talk to chiropractors that go to seminars and yet rarely grow or see upwards of a 100 patients per week. Some are stuck at 100 a month.
    Simply coming home with a few good ideas is proven not to work.

    6. Check for yourself.
    When did you as a doctor or business leader experience the most growth in your practice or business?
    I would wager that it was after you were coached through a personal breakthrough and then you followed someone's lead and you did what they did.

    Does this mean that you have to be a clone and do what everyone else does?  

    Absolutely not!!

    Once you learn a strategy and become proficient at it you will naturally put your personal stamp on it.

    In Warrior Coaching there are no two practices that look exactly alike.
    Many of the processes and procedures are familiar but they are rarely identical.
    We have clients that practice pretty much every technique under the sun-from structural postural techniques like CBP, to tonal techniques like Network, and everything in between.
    We have clients that do 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, and (some are experimenting with) 24 month programs. 
    We have single doctor practices, multi doctor practices, and multi disciplinary practices.
    We have leaders from many sectors of the business world.

    You can grow whatever story you want if you have done the work to change yourself from the inside out first.

    This whole discussion reminds me of a scenario in the triathlon coaching world.
    Brett Sutton has coached more triathletes to more world championships and major victories than any other coach. He has a reputation of being a bit of a hard ass type of guy.
    He is also renowned for putting his athletes through some brutal workouts. It was common for his athletes to run compete marathons in training and put in huge volume and intensity in the pool and on the bike. Remember: these athletes are professionals and want to be the best in the world!
    They came to be coached by Brett because they wanted to follow his proven system and have a shot at becoming world champions. (Ask yourself what your goals are. Do you want to be a middle of the road chiropractor or business leader?  An average spouse, parent, sibling, or friend?)
     As you can probably predict, not everyone thrived under Brett's systems, but the ones that stuck to it improved tremendously.
    On occasion you would hear about some of these athletes leaving Brett and going to other coaches, and after decreasing their volume and intensity they became successful.
    If you listen to the insiders though, you would learn that their success was still largely based on the work done with Brett.

    You have to do the work somewhere. You cannot fake the hard work and training.
    There is no magical idea out there that will transform you and your practice or your business.

    It's great to get good ideas from a few different sources, but in the end it's best to follow a proven system along with a strategy to changing you from the inside out.
    Master the system first and then add on any finishing touches that make it uniquely your own. 
    All world class athletes and most successful leaders have a coach or a mentor. If you want to be the best you can be, you should be coached.
    The question you should ask is not if I need a coach but who should I pick to coach me?
    Look for someone that has been where you want to go and who will help you in your personal transformation from the inside out.
    Creating FULL OUT people. It's what we do.
    Coach Yurij


    On Friday, October 16, 2015, Leo Quan said:

    Practices grow because the leaders grow first. Love that message!


    On Thursday, October 1, 2015, David Covey said:

    Who's your coach? I was lost in the early part of my practice, no foundation, no plan, no focus or direction. Warrior has helped me with all that for practice for sure. But the biggest thing Warrior has helped me with is inside out change PERSONALLY that has radically changed me - who I am - for the better. That changed has greatly affected my practice, but more importantly my relationships - with God, with my wife, my children, family, my team. Everything changed when I changed. Above-down-inside-out is the only way for true and lasting change!


    On Saturday, September 26, 2015, Emilie Perras said:

    Great article! This is what most chiropractors need to hear...they are stuck and don't know why. Coaching has been amazing for both myself and Martin. There is no way we'd be the people, parents and practitioners we are if is wasn't for Warrior coaching and being transformed form the inside-out :)


    On Saturday, September 26, 2015, Cedric Tomico said:

    Coach!! Your on fire!!! This HAS to be the best Warrior Wisdom to date, hands down, no doubt. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!! And for all of you that may still be somewhat skeptical.....DON"T BE!!!! I personally have been implementing Warrior procedures and transforming my life from ADIO for 3 years now and the harvest has finally began. Yes the work has been hard but the result couldn't be more rewarding!!!

    Thanks again Coach Yurij!!!!


    On Friday, September 25, 2015, Dr. Lindsay Bourque said:

    This is spot on.


    On Friday, September 25, 2015, Yurij Chewpa said:

    Great question Julie. The heart transformation work begins with the work we do at Camp1 and Camp2. It then becomes a daily longing to continuing to strengthen our relationship with our heavenly Father. Here are three things to focus on while we pursue our ongoing heart transformation. 1. Getting up early and being in the Word. Making this a priority above all else. 2. Journaling what God is showing us in the Word. 3. Praying with thanksgiving.


    On Friday, September 25, 2015, Stephen Lippitt said:

    I have binders of good ideas that sat in my office and never got implemented. Or things I tried that just created lots of busy work, but few results. This article speaks exactly to what my main challenge has been over the years. However, I'm re-discovering everyday that nothing replaces a renewed heart, dedication, and enthusiasm towards the basics of what I do.



    On Friday, September 25, 2015, Dr. Julie Donoso said:

    Wow! This wisdom is powerful! Thanks coach. What are three steps that we can take to do the inside out work to transform our hearts?


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