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  • Jul21Mon

    Body Odor

    July 21, 2014
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    Warrior Wisdom

    Do you suffer from a bad case of BO? Oops, I meant PO!  PO and BO are very similar in one specific way. Everyone around you knows you have it, but you go around totally oblivious to the fact that you stink.  PO stands for Performance Orientation.

    PO has a root in performing for recognition. Striving to impress. Success fuels PO and leads to arrogance and failure fuels PO and leads to devastation. It’s a lose, lose situation. Most Warriors start off with a bad case of PO, and then slowly God changes their hearts, and channels all that amazing God given potential into a servant heart. What they do looks the same, but their motivation is different. They end up at a place where they do what they do, because they want to serve others (SO).

    They develop a good case of SO.

    The Pharisees had a really bad case of PO. Jesus always modeled SO.

    Under the law, we work for salvation, and exaggerate PO. Under grace, we receive and give SO. PO ends in a shooting star crashing and burning.  SO leads to a slow, steady, career long burn. PO causes people to leave, SO causes people to stay.

    PO is always talking, SO is listening.

    PO does screenings to get patients, SO does screenings to save lives.

    PO works for money.  SO serves for the sake of serving.

    Raise your arms and check your pits.  Are you wearing the right protection?

    Continue to work things out. It’s worth it.



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