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  • Aug14Thu

    Chicken with It's Head Cut Off!

    August 14, 2014
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    Warrior Wisdom

    How BIG should you go?  Should your goal be to see 1000 per week? I think that reasonably your potential to serve is much higher than you think it is. You can go much bigger than you think you can, but you cloud how you think about what 500, 1000, 1500 would feel like by projecting your current business on the goal. If you are running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off at 200 per week, or whatever your number is currently, how will you possibly stop the hemorrhaging out of the top of your neck if you doubled or tripled your volume?

    The reality is that the economy changes as your volume increases.

    Ask anyone doing Warrior procedures at 600 per week, and they will tell you that they are less busy and more calm and peaceful and loving then they were at half that volume before implementing those procedures.

    Your volume will increase to the level that you can share your love. Love more, serve more. Love less, serve less. Sow love, reap a harvest of love. Sow love, reap volume.

    Sow stress and you reap stress. It is impossible to sow stress and reap love. It is impossible to sow stress and reap volume.

    I was discussing this with several Warriors over the course of the last couple of weeks. What is a bad ass Warrior? What does a full-out Warrior look like? What does a bad ass Warrior do when they rip their report or crush a screening? They are all cardiac tissue. Straight up, all heart. Gushing love everywhere they go.

    Last night, Christina was scheduled for an 18th visit progress report. We reviewed her chit during the huddle. The chit revealed that this girl was in deep s_ _ _. I mean she was 11 of 18!! She has been a challenge. The team outlined her litany of excuses as to why she had missed various appointments. They were clearly miffed as they could hardly believe that one girl could have so many reasons for missing appointments. They ranged from “I locked my car keys in the car, to I had to stay in the hospital with my boyfriend, to my dog ate my appointment schedule”.  Ok, I made the last one up.  Now, its 6 pm on a Tuesday night and she is in an exam room about to get a full-out Warrior woodshed adjustment. That’s one of those 1000 a week double yellow line adjustments.

    Here is how it went. “Christina, you know we love having you as a patient, and our number one priority is to do whatever we can to get you well. But girl you’re 11 of 18, you have to help us out here. She went on to tell me her story and it seems like all her excuses were real. Crazy, I again reinforced that we loved to serve her and asked her if she was committed to get back on track so that we could help her get well. She said that she would do her absolute best to get back on schedule. We got her adjusted, turned the power on, gave her a new schedule and I hope that we can help change her story.

    That’s all you have to do to go big.  Love your people and follow your Warrior procedures.



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