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  • church in Italy
    Greetings from Italy!

    Marie and I have been traveling through Tuscany celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We are currently in the Cinque Terre region on the Mediterranean Sea.  

    This morning we got up early and hiked up to the ruins of a 13th century church. At sunrise we renewed our vows from 25 years ago and had communion. Looking down on the village of Monterosso and out over the Mediterranean was spectacular.

    What came to mind is that we all have to seize opportunities to create epic stories. It would have been easier to sleep in and miss the moment‎. 

    Writing an epic story does not come naturally...
    We had to overcome a lot of obstacles along the years to come to that moment in time. It required discipline and sacrifice and risk. We had to step into things without knowing where they would lead us, which in the end helped to get us to that one moment in time.

    I'm also mindful of the fact that we need to be listening to what God wants us to do and to take action when we hear His voice.

    Here are a few EPIC STORIES from our trip in Italy...
    While in Florence one evening we were walking down a busy street when we heard some singing coming from a church. It wasn't on the agenda but we walked in to listen to one song and then move along. Once inside Marie felt like we needed to stay and it turned out to be another amazing moment. The University of Massachusetts Chamber choir had a one night performance there just for us. It was magical. The presence of the Holy Spirit was overwhelming.

    On another day I was running with my numb right foot and running slowly so as to minimize the pressure on my L5 nerve root‎ when I felt I needed to run down this dirt path. So I asked the Lord why this foot has remained numb and what I am supposed to learn on the dirt path. I felt like He was telling me to run free. To run hard and not worry about my foot. Not that everything was going to be healed necessarily but not to use my injury as an excuse to run slow. So off I went running hard and the foot was not worse for wear if not feeling a little better.

    So the lessons from Italy are to work diligently at creating epic stories and that if you listen for His voice, God will surprise you in many interesting ways.

    Keep listening and taking action.

    From Italy with Love,

    Yurij and Marie


    On Tuesday, June 2, 2015, Lindsay said:

    How exciting to celebrate your anniversary in Italy! Congratulations :) When I listen to God's voice, I'm often sent in a direction that I would never have planned out myself. There is Freedom in giving up all the Control!


    On Monday, June 1, 2015, Greg Zoldy said:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I resonated with this wisdom and observation about "how did we get here?" Sometimes I've worked really hard, and hoped to hear God's voice more clearly. Lately it's been the opposite, I've heard His voice and invitation first, and there has been lots of work to do after! An epic journey and story is in the making.


    On Friday, May 29, 2015, David Covey said:

    Thank you Warrior for transforming my story from lousy to epic! Something amazing is happening!


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