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  • Jun30Thu

    Fuel to Serve: Suffering and Sorrow

    June 30, 2016
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    Warrior Wisdom
    We spend most of our lives trying to avoid pain and playing it safe, yet pain and suffering are what lead to transformation.

    Have you ever prayed for God to remove the pain?
    I know I have.
    There are many examples but one that stands out is the self inflicted pain and suffering of Ironman training and racing.
    I remember many long interval training sessions (which tend to be the most painful) questioning my own sanity and desperately asking God to remove the pain of the training.
    That prayer was never answered.

    Then I started praying a more relevant prayer: God, help me to suffer well through the training. That prayer was much more successful.
    First we have to come to grips with the fact that pain and suffering and sorrow will happen. It is a certain fact of life. 
    Pain and suffering and sorrow have happened to all of us.  Yet it is how we deal with it that shapes us and grows us. 

    Even though pain and suffering are a fact of life, shouldn't we try to minimize and avoid it if possible? Why look for pain when it seems to find us on it's own on any given day?
    Some of you are old enough to remember the old full service gas stations with the gas attendants that would pump your gas for you. You would just pull up to the pump, crank down the window and yell "fill 'er up!" Not many of us want to "fill 'er' up" at the pain, suffering, and sorrow pump!
    Instead, we go to God and yell "give me 5 bucks of low test please."  Translation:  "Give me as little pain and suffering as possible please!"

    Oswald Chambers says that "Sorrow removes a great deal of personal shallowness." Suffering and sorrow cause us to come to the end of ourselves and help us to become reliant on God.
    In that hour we find out what we are made of and it helps to clarify our purpose. It helps us to get beyond ourselves and shows us where we can serve.

    Chambers also states that "You cannot find or receive yourself in success, because you lose your head over pride. And you cannot receive yourself through the monotony of your daily life because you give into complaining. The only way to find yourself is in the fires of sorrow."

    The next time you encounter pain, suffering, and sorrow, instead of praying to have God remove it, pray for God to help you through it.  Know that you are being shaped into who God wants you to be. 

    God uses all circumstances for good and whatever you learn in the fire he will use in the service of others. 

    If your marriage is in trouble, who would you rather talk to, someone who has gone through it themselves or someone that is happily single?
    Getting business advice for your failing business from someone that has been there,  has fought the same fight and has won battles in the trenches is pure gold!

    Whatever God has you in right now or has brought you through in the past, He will use it to serve others! 

    Train in the pain.

    Coach Yurij


    On Wednesday, July 20, 2016, Shelley Worthington said:

    This is so great, it was the inspiration for a sermon I lead last Sunday! Referenced and quoted you a couple times.

    thanks Yurij


    On Monday, July 11, 2016, Dmitri said:

    Amen Yurij! If we want to serve others, we need to be ok with suffering! Part of the package that comes with Jesus Kingdom! Love you and thanks for pronouncing it. Dmitri


    On Friday, July 8, 2016, Leo Quan said:

    Thanks for the encouraging words Yurij. Sometimes the pain is really bad, and with this encouragement, I'll accept the pain and the training like a lifetime of adjustments. I think Darryl demonstrated that on the stage not long ago! God, you're adjusting me with every challenge and trial!


    On Tuesday, July 5, 2016, Lindsay said:

    Thank you for this Yurij, It comes at a time where I need to push myself into the pain, when what I would really like to do is the opposite.


    On Monday, July 4, 2016, Steve said:

    Wow. It's like you were dictating what goes on my head while I run. This message was awesome. I've seen many more blessings in my life when I'm ready to show up, step into fear and train in the pain. You're right. Transformation happens there. I'm much closer to my dreams now than I've been in a long time because I've been more willing to actually do the work to fulfill them. Thanks Yurij!


    On Sunday, July 3, 2016, Kim Crickmay said:

    This was so huge for me, Yurij. It's a confirmation I'm going to print and put in my journal. It comes after my journaling yesterday during a dark mental/emotional time for a few hours. After journaling it for a bit I wrote, "But I trust God with my life. How can I not? Who else can I turn to? He gives and takes away as He sees fit, in His great wisdom and love for me. To make me more and more like His Son. Thank you, Papa." Next, I read in the Bible in Psalm 78:19, the Israelites asking themselves things that I question about God in my modern-day mind. Like, "Can God really spread a table in the wilderness? True, He struck the rock and water gushed out, streams flowed abundantly but can He also give us bread? Can He supply meat for His people?" I frequently forget who I am in Him and that He is able and sovereign and loving, no matter the circumstance. Then in church this morning the worship words, "We believe in breakthrough, we believe in you." While it's so difficult and painful, I don't want to be spared anything that God knows will keep me from being more transformed and keep me from knowing Him more intimately. When I come to the end of myself and my limited resources, He is there, and there is the growth...again.


    On Saturday, July 2, 2016, Claude Hardenne said:

    It's so true, and for me, understanding this began in Lake Placid. We were told that pain is often when we come to God the most and that many of us do pray for Him to take away that pain, but why would He take away what so often brings us to Him. Knowing in my heart this truth helps me to trust in God's plan, seek out the wisdom and know that God is with me during those times. Thanks Yurij


    On Friday, July 1, 2016, Sean said:

    Pertinent prayer. I love this...thank you


    On Thursday, June 30, 2016, Yves said:

    Great points as always Yurij. It took me some time to learn the fact that I have learned more from my trials than from my successes. If I was to hire a guide to take me through the jungle, I would want the one with the scars, the one that was tested and made it. I am grateful when things go well and don't go seeking hardship on purpose, but now I am learning that I cannot do it on my own strength. So I pray for courage and perseverance. Thanks Yurij.


    On Thursday, June 30, 2016, Paul said:

    This was great. Thanks Yurij.


    On Thursday, June 30, 2016, Todd Williamson said:

    As I read this I am reminded of Ed describing God having you pinned up against a wall and squeezing all the garbage inside of you out, until there is nothing left but the goodness that he placed within us. It's a tough go being in the gap, but when your screaming to get out that's when you know you're in it. Thank you for your wisdom and direction on how to face and look upon the challenges that are placed before us in a new light. Thanks Guys for everything you do.


    On Thursday, June 30, 2016, David Covey said:

    Too long I've prayed for God to show up and do a miracle and save me from the troubles. Now I pray for strength to endure, new habits, new abilities, for me to change, to adapt to the next step. Way bigger miracle for God to transform me, than to just show up one time and help me in a crisis!


    On Thursday, June 30, 2016, Brad Rusaw said:

    Love it! I don't know why Yurij, but this fires me up and makes me want to suffer more. The tendency to stay comfortable is so strong, but growth never occurs there. Thank-you for sharing. Love, Brad


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