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    In the absence of tragedy, how do we keep on top of our game and stay engaged in our soul (mind,will, and emotions)?
    How do we control our mind, will, and emotions so that we get the desired outcomes that we want?

    The answer is TRAINING.

    Training by stepping into fear.

    The enemy tries to take us out by putting fear into our minds. Once he has us afraid and full of worry, he knows that he has won.
    When we are afraid we can still receive revelation but we are paralyzed to act on it.
    Have you ever received great advice from a coach or a mentor or wanted to implement something new in your business or practice after a seminar and then on Monday you were to afraid to act on it?

    This happens all the time.

    Most great ideas are never implemented for fear of what people are going to think, or fear of what will happen if they don't work.

    The Bible clearly tells us that we are to be more concerned with what God thinks of us rather than what man thinks of us.
    Even pastors are not immune to this. Years ago in Warrior I showed a video of a final sermon by a leader of a large Christian denomination. He was dying, riddled with cancer, and saw this as an opportunity to deliver a tough message to a large group of pastors at a denominational convention.
    In his sermon he talked about how the greatest threat to the church was the pastor's fear of man.

    How do we avoid the common pitfall of fear of man, worry, and anxiety?

    By training on stepping into fear.
    At every opportunity you get, step into the Gap.
    The Gap is the void between where you are and where you want to go.

    In soul training it is the space between what you have been saying during moments of truth and what you should be saying.

    It is the chasm between saying the right thing and saying the real thing. 

    It is showing up to do your conversion report and feeling like you want to throw up and doing it anyway.  

    It is being honest with your patient who has been missing appointments and not making them up and giving them a tough love adjustment.

    It happens when you have to talk to someone on your team and the conversation has the potential of not going well and doing it anyways.

    It's writing a newsletter to your patients that scares you and handing it out anyway.

    It's doing an internal promotion and being scared to ask for referrals and doing it anyway.

    You get the pattern here, feeling fear and then stepping in and doing it anyway.

    I remember talking to my sons, Mikolai and Olexa, as they began their summer jobs working at the office as technical assistants.
    They were both really, really uncomfortable with delivering the pre-consultation and consultation scripts, and both had a ton of fear heading into the office.
    One morning as we were driving to the office together I tried to talk them through it and reassured them that everything was going to be great.
    Their response was, "Dad, you don't understand. We are in the Gap all day long!" Just knowing that there was a new patient on the books was enough to cause all day anxiety.

    How did we get over that fear and anxiety?
    Training and stepping into it. We trained on the scripts and then, ready or not, here is your first new patient.
    Olexa was so stressed the first time that he forgot to breathe during the entire script.
    Now, months later, things are much easier. If you talk to Olexa he will tell you that he still has to battle through fear at times but I can tell you as their father that the change in both of my sons has been nothing short of miraculous. Yesterday, because of illness in our team, the boys had to run the front desk and do tech on their own, and they did great! This would have been impossible two summers ago. The only thing that changed was the ongoing training by stepping into fear. 

    Stepping into fear rewires your brain and changes your thoughts. Your thoughts control your life.
    Training in the Gap by stepping into fear is not an option.

    The Gap is where your life is shaped.

    Here is your homework:
    Get some traction on this, don't continue to stay stuck where you are.
    What do you need to step into in order to hit your goals for this year? If Full Out for you is another 200 adjustments a week, or your business hitting some new highs in service or revenue for this quarter, what needs to change in you in order for you to achieve that goal?
    What thoughts need to change and what fears need to be conquered? What have you been afraid to step into?
    Do that!

    Full Out for you is different from anyone else.

    Don't compare yourself to your neighbour. Just be real and make an honest assessment of where you have been holding back and where you need to go and then start the process of risking and stepping into it. 

    You can do it! To help you, write it on your Warrior Coaching Performance Sheet and talk to your coach about it. Be sure to let your accountability partner know about it as well. 

    Dive into the deep end,

    Coach Yurij

    Keep the conversation going. Leave a comment and let me know what your Gap is and what you are going to do about it.


    On Tuesday, August 18, 2015, Dr. Julie Donoso said:

    My big GAP this summer was doing Christmas in JULY for the first time! I have been in WARRIOR for 7 years and have never stepped into it. We executed it with our team this year and over the past 6 weeks, I have started 17 new patients! It has been absolutely amazing, stepping into fear and seeing miracles happen all around me. Thank you for your invaluable and priceless coaching...and of course, patience!


    On Monday, August 10, 2015, Lisa said:

    Great post! We don't need tragedy to push to be better we have you, Ed and this amazing organization! Thanks for doing what you do!


    On Monday, August 10, 2015, Stephen Lippitt said:

    My GAP is increasing my weekly visits by 100 per week by Dec. 31, 2015. I'm holding back with diving into my paperless patient record system because I'm worried I'll slow down my adjustment flow. This leads to fears about attracting new patients into the office that could compound the problem. My training is observing an experienced office tomorrow who already use the software to help my learning curve. Then setting a date (Aug. 17th) to start using the system, while setting aside time to train my team in entering patient data, and train myself in entering daily visits. Thanks for the advice Yurij!


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