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  • Dec11Thu

    Go Fish

    December 11, 2014
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    Warrior Wisdom

    I hope that a few more of you are crying during your reports this week. Seriously, as you tell your story of a child’s life restored through a chiropractic adjustment, you should have tears of joy for that story, and you should have tears of sorrow for all the children in your town that are living with subluxation and an impaired nerve system.  It’s just a really good gut check on where your mind is at, when you are presenting your report, or at any given time through out the day: are you thinking about yourself or about them?

    On Monday I was talking up our Christmas card campaign, and following up with patients asking them if they had given us names of people that they knew who were sick and suffering. My focus was on the people that I have not met yet, who desperately need my care. One of my patients was really excited and yelled out from the hot seats “Doc I got you one!”

    Doc I got you one – one more person that will have a chance to get well. It reminded me of the star fish story. All the star fish washed up on the beach and one old man trying to save them by throwing them back into the sea. If he only got to throw one back he would be have been grateful. It made a difference for that one. If only one person gets referred in from the cards, I will be grateful, but I know that if I am grateful for the one, many more are coming.

    Business leaders, you may be thinking that somehow this story doesn’t relate to you. Guess again. When you are presenting a solution to a client, are you thinking about them and how you can help them exclusively?  Are you single minded, solid, and without wavering, or is there some part of you that is thinking about the sale and how it will benefit you? That is called being double minded and people cannot anchor to a mind that is not singular in intent.

    Everyone has heard the saying that the way to become successful is to help others succeed. Why is that simple truth so hard to implement? It is because our selfish nature gets in the way. Give yourself away. Sow the seed of your giftedness liberally, without regard for reward and you will be rewarded beyond measure.

    With just two weeks of practice left for most of us, now is the time to finish strong in 2104, and be ready to throw ourselves into the adventure of 2015!



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