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  • Nov26Wed

    Joy in the Gap

    November 26, 2014
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    Warrior Wisdom

    I’m thankful for the Immanuel joy stories you are sharing with me! So many of you have shared incredible stories of how God is present in your lives and how listening to Him, and taking action brings greater joy. These stories bring even more joy when you share them with others. Keep sending them in. It’s never a bad idea to talk about what God is doing in your life. You can send them directly to me at yurij.warrior@gmail.com. As I mentioned, with your permission I will share some of them with our Warrior community in the near future.

    It’s interesting that some of you shared that you didn’t think that you had a joy story to tell, until someone near you made you look up and around and helped you see the abundance that was all around you. One of you mentioned that you were so task oriented with your nose to the grindstone you were unable to see how God was moving in mighty ways in your life. It’s important to look up and smell the roses.

    It’s really important for your brain to know that you are growing. Staying stagnant is a great joy killer. Once again, this is why planning and tracking your life using the Warrior Way 90 Day is so important. The bottom right hand side of your Warrior Week is where you write down all your accomplishments for the week. In a sense, this is the training ground for your brain, showing it that you are getting things done and that you are moving forward and gaining momentum. If you skip this section you are likely to feel like you are simply getting up in the morning grabbing your to do list, and frantically running all day and dropping into bed exhausted. Tomorrow will be a repeat of today. On your mark get set, go!  And repeat. Sound like your life? Is this fun and joy giving?  Let’s change something!

    Take the time to review your Gap Projects today. Do you have action steps in place to keep those projects moving forward? Next, during your vision time this week, align and prioritize your projects so that they reflect your goals accurately and that they give you the best opportunity to grow.

    What does that look like? I have discussed this in the past, but it is worth reviewing here. We tend to take up time doing things that are less productive that give us the appearance of moving forward, because they cause the least amount of fear. For example, one of your goals may be to grow the practice. You have the option of training on two components of your practice skill set. One is the conversion report which you enjoy doing and the other is new patient acquisition which causes you anxiety and fear. Next fact, you have single digit new patients per month. What should you train on? Your brain wants to train on the conversion report to avoid the fear. What you should be doing is knocking on doors, to let people know who you are. One will lead to growth and joy and the other will lead to stagnation and more fear.

    By the way, and this may be stating the obvious, but depending how you are wired the opposite may be true. Some of you love to get out and meet people, and have no problems with new patient volume but your conversion rate is terrible, because training on the conversion report is too boring for you. You love to be spontaneous and free, and be the queen or king of wing. Well my royals, how does it feel to have a lousy conversion rate because you didn’t train on the report? Remember your brain needs growth, not comfort.

    Not coincidentally the majority of your joy stories are about how God showed up when you stepped into fear and did what you were supposed to do. Where is God more likely to show up? Is it while you hang out in your comfort zone and train on what’s easy? Or is it more likely that He will show up while you are out there in the Gap stepping into fear, feeling like you are naked, hanging onto the end of a branch??  He will show up as you knock on that neighbours door. He will show up at the conversion report you just nailed.

    Joy happens in the Gap.

    Love, peace, and joy.


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