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  • Nov20Thu

    Joy is Practical in the Moment

    November 20, 2014
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    Warrior Wisdom
    Hope everyone is working hard at doing your joy exercises and staying joyful!
    By now you should have a week and a half of X's and O's across the top of your Warrior week in your Warrior Way 90Day. I have been getting lots of feedback and it looks like many of you are engaging in the exercise and gaining some traction. Being consistent and patient is the key. Do not get discouraged if you fall back into some of your old emotions like anger, shame, guilt etc. Old emotions will creep in because we literally have to make new neural connections in the brain to change our state. This takes time but is worth the effort.

    A couple more observations about joy. This may seem rudimentary and exceedingly obvious but it's important to note that we experience joy in the present. If we are concerned about the future this leads to anxiety, and focusing on unpleasant events in the past tends to lead to depression. Joy happens when we are in relationship in the present. From a practice perspective this happens at every interaction with every patient. For me the greatest time of joy comes when I am laying hands on a patient. Jim Parker of Parker Seminars used to talk about PTC (present time consciousness) all the time. Joy is PTC redefined. Can you imagine what the patient is experiencing when you are adjusting them if you are thinking about an earlier patient that upset you, or even worse you are wondering how much longer before you can call it quits? Do you think their experience would be better and their healing greater if they were experiencing "you are special and I'm so glad to be with you!" during their adjustment?

    Once we get a bank of joy experiences then we can think back to those exceptional times of joy and experience them again. This in turn will affect our serotonin and dopamine levels and reinforces the rewiring of the brain. Can you see how a mature, joy filled person is more resilient and able to achieve so much more in practice, business and in life? This reinforces the fact that joy is practical. This isn't some kind of feel good exercise that has no place in business. It is perhaps the most important skill a leader can possess.

    Keep sending your Immanuel and/or joy stories. So many of you have shared your stories with me and they are truly incredible. With your permission, I will be sharing some of these stories in future wisdoms. God is so good!

    Love, joy, peace.


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