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  • Nov13Thu

    Keep the Joy Happening

    November 13, 2014
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    Warrior Wisdom

    Thanks to all the Warriors, teams, families, and guests that attended Leadership Summit 2014!  Thank you for your commitment to train, to improve yourself, and to better serve the people that you lead.  I wanted to clarify your homework from my Joy Project talk. On my last slide I encouraged you to take up two activities to create and build joy in your lives. The second one was self explanatory, in that it asked you to share a meal with your family, and share stories about what God was doing in your lives that day or that week, and also to have your patients share their testimonies.

    The first point was not as clear. I wanted to you to pick one activity that you thought would increase your joy and keep track of it. Here are some examples of joy creating activities. Pick one of these or choose your own idea.

    1. Unplug in the evenings. Make a resolution to turn off all computers, smart phones etc after a certain hour every evening. Use this time to interact with loved ones face to face, instead of hanging out in the cloud.

    2. No smart phones at the dinner table. Good for families with teens.

    3. Rejoice with those that rejoice. Look for situations where people are interacting with joy and acknowledge their joy. Smile at a child that is having a good time playing.

    4. Help someone in need. Have a senior over for dinner, or stop to talk to one of your senior neighbours. Make a point of meeting all the neighbours on your street.

    5. Simplify and declutter.

    6. Complete something on your brain dump list.

    7. Send a written note to three people that have been your mentors over the years, three people that are your peers or equals, and three that you have mentored.  Say thank you, or say how you appreciate them and why.

    8. Hug three people every day.

    I think you get the idea. Commit to doing this for 30 days and track it in your Warrior Way 90 Day. You can track it in the Warrior Week section. There is a space there for new disciplines. Chart it under division 1 and give yourself a checkmark if you completed your task and an X if you missed. Keep track and see how you did at the end of the month. Some of theses things you can try to accomplish every day and other tasks are more easily done on a weekly basis. Regardless, the goal is to track your success and to hold yourself accountable. To increase your accountability, let your accountability partner know about your joy building commitments.

    Love, joy, and peace.


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