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  • Two posts ago I started to discuss how to improve the Conversion Report and outlined  the benefits of doing the Conversion Report or Doctor's Report in groups. Following through on this one point alone will boost client understanding, will increase conversion, will lead to lives being saved and increased profitability.  

    Key #2 to improving your conversion report is having the spouse at the report.
    Doctors don't seem to understand why this is so important, and because they lack certainty in their own mind,
    they get lots of push back from their clients when they are asked to bring their spouse to the Doctor's Report.

    Let me start by telling you when you don't need the spouse at the report.

    You don't need the spouse at the report if:

    1. You only do acute care and your case fee is low.
    If your case fee is low enough the client can make the decision to start care on their own.
    Ie. If it doesn't cost more than a haircut then you are good to go.

    2. The client has a perfect spine and they don't need any corrective care (and therefore will have a low case fee).

    3. If the spouse is away for an extended period of time or if the relationship has broken down,
    then use your judgement to determine if you will do the report to the patient on their own.

    Here are the reasons why you need the spouse at the doctors report:

    1. The percentage of clients converting to life saving chiropractic care will increase.
    This is assuming that they came in with a problem, you have identified that problem, and you have the best solution for their problem.

    If the spouse is not at the report you may find yourself in the following scenario.  
    You deliver the best report ever, with passion and current, relevant content. (Remember you have been training on this!)
    You then do an amazing one on one presentation and get an excited yes to the duration of care and to the frequency of care.  
    Then, after you present the finances you get, "I really, really want to do this. I can see how this is going to be awesome for me and I know it will change my entire life, but I have to go home and talk to my spouse about it."

    Fair enough.  The patient goes home and discusses your recommendations without being able to explain the content or context of your presentation.
    The spouse doesn't understand the value and the patient doesn't start care. 
    Do this enough times and you will get frustrated enough to never do a report again without the spouse present.

    2. If the spouse isn't at the report they will never understand the benefits of chiropractic care for themselves or their children.

    3. Even if the client starts care without the spouse at the report, the number one reason someone would discontinue care before correction is complete is having a spouse at home that doesn't understand why your client is still going. Eventually without that understanding, they will question the expense and the inconvenience, will not value the care enough, and will push your client to discontinue care.

    4. The opposite is also true. Clients whose spouses attend the report have better compliance to their schedule and their exercises because they have someone at home to help hold them accountable to the commitment  that they made.

    When you break it down like that it becomes really obvious.

    To a business leader or a sales professional it is simply a matter of having all the decision makers in the room so that they can actually make a decision.
    Sales professionals always run the risk of losing a lead by insisting that all decision makers are at the sales presentation.

    A great sales presentation to the wrong people equals no sales

    They look busy, they are spending lots of time setting up meetings, and they are making lots of presentations, but nobody is buying.

    Let me hammer the point home one more time.  

    If someone wants to sell you a digital X-ray unit, are they trying to sell it to you or to your In CA?
    If they did an amazing presentation to your In CA and even took her out for lunch, would she be able to make the decision to purchase the unit?
    If you run a multi doctor office with several partners would you want all the partners in on the sales presentation?

    So there you have it.  Get over it, stop shrinking back, and fight for your clients.  Their lives depend on you.



    On Friday, March 13, 2015, Alan O'Connor said:

    Bang on, Yurij! Right between the eyes. A



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