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    As a Warrior with your client's best interest in mind, you have to be extremely vigilant to offer your best solution, not just what you think the client is ready to accept. The reason that I mention being very vigilant is because it is
    human nature to shrink back and try to please people because everyone dislikes rejection.
    We want our clients to accept our recommendations and if we sense that they are not going to be happy with them
    it is easy to fall into the trap of offering something that we think they will accept.

    Never read the client, always lead the client.

    If the client needs long term corrective chiropractic care then offer that as your best recommendation.
    Fully explain the features and benefits of corrective care and leave the decision to them.
    If the client is not ready to accept your recommendations you have two choices.
    You can offer a second best recommendation as a subset of your total solution, or you can let the client know
    that you will be there to serve them if they change their mind.

    This applies to any business.

    As a consultant you always want to present the total solution to your client.
    You can break it down into chunks of service after your report but your main conversion report needs to be about the complete package.

    If you choose to take on a portion of the solution, you have to make a point of which areas you will not be responsible for.
    In chiropractic if you choose to do part of a corrective process to help a client get out of pain and help stabilize the spine, you have to mention that you will not take responsibility for the overall structural and functional health of the spine or the nerve system. 

    It seems quite obvious when you are on the outside looking in, but when you are in the midst of the report you have to be prepared.

    In your mind you have to focus on telling the real thing not the right thing.

    You have to be focused on the fact that you have nothing to prove, nothing to lose and nobody to convince.
    Your job is to get out there and tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.
    Let your client know right up front that you are not there to convince them to start chiropractic care or to sell them anything
    other than the best solution for their problem.

    Present like you are going for zero.  Present like you don't care if anybody starts or anybody buys.

    If you do this a funny thing happens.  More often than not, everyone starts and everyone buys. 

    That seems counterintuitive but it is absolutely true. The more you push them out the more they want to stay.
    The more you take it away the more they want the opportunity back.

    Go for zero and the chance of 100% conversion increases exponentially

    I learned this lesson decades ago.

    True story. As a young, successful, know it all, 30 something "doctor" I went to an investment adviser that was recommended to me by a friend.
    I had heard that this person had a long term stock buying philosophy and bought stocks based on a certain criteria with the intent of holding on to the stock for the long term. She did not buy based on emotions and did not take input from clients in her buying and selling decisions.
    I, on the other hand, had a plan.
    I would convince this seasoned, experienced, financial adviser to handle some of my money in her traditional time tested
    and proven way and then have her also handle some short term trading based on my recommendations which were based on my immense knowledge of the stock market!
    This is how it played out.
    After a thorough review of my financial situation she gave me her conversion report and her best recommendations.  (Did I mention already that she had been in business for several decades and had seen good times and bad?)  I then presented to her what I wanted her to do for me.
    I wanted to have her handle some of my finances her way but I also wanted her to handle some other trades  based on my recommendations.

    What do you think she did? She was sitting across this big ol' mahogany desk.  She sat back in her big ol'  leather chair, reached onto her desk, and closed the file folder with my information in it! Next she leaned back even further in her chair, crossed her arms, smiled, leaned forword and started to stand up.
    She was going to walk me down the hall were there were dozens of stock brokers that could help me with my request.
    If I wanted her help then it was going to have to be her way.

    Was I in or was I out?

    This was not a bullying situation or even a sales tactic. It was just how she did business:no compromising.

    What do you think I did?

    Please, please, pretty please, sit back down!  Let' s do it your way!
    It turned out to be a very good decision.

    So there you have it. Stop being a people pleaser. Stop trying to get your clients to like you.
    They are not there to make a new friend. They are in front of you because they came to you with a problem
    and you are offering them a solution.
    Give it your absolute best shot. 

    Coach Yurij

    [FREE DOWNLOAD]  The Seven Key Questions to Ask Your New Patient in the Report of Findings.  Click HERE.

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