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  • WARRIOR has a complete script that is close to an hour long, but I will try to hit the most important content keys for you. 

    The opening is extremely important! Acknowledge everyone that is there if possible.
    In a group of 6 to 8 try to remember everyone's name, shake their hand, and thank them for coming to the report.
    This means that you have gathered their names and their spouse's names on your intake forms.
    If you have more than 8 people, start your report from the front and acknowledge everyone as a group (including clients and spouses).

                         1.Thank them for being there and acknowledge them for taking time out of their busy lives to be at the report.
                         2. Let them know that you know that they don't want to be sitting there, and that they just want to see their results,
                             get started, and get out of pain as quickly as possible.                      
                         3. Emphasize that this is going to be the most important time that you will spent together.
                         4. Assure them you are not going to try to sell them on starting chiropractic care.
                         5. Tell them you have very specific criteria for having someone start care so this may not be the right place for them. 
                         6. Tell them that the reality is, you have seen their X rays and you have one shot to change their life,
                             and for some of them, one shot to SAVE their life.

    Early Middle   
                           1. Share the allopathic story. 
                           2. Define health.
                           3. Explain how we go from health to dis-ease and then to disease.
                           4. Talk about the problem with medicating their symptoms.

                          1. The structure and function of the spine.
                          2. Subluxation.
                          3. Effect on the nerve system.
                          4. Effect on overall health.
                          5. The power of the adjustment and the chiropractic story.

    Late Middle   
                           1. Case studies. Tell chiropractic success stories using before and after images of X-rays, thermal scans etc.
                               The more visual the better.
                           2. Give enough details in the case studies that the people at the report can put themselves into the story.
                           3. If possible tailor the case studies to the audience.
                           4. Include a case study of a child.

                           1. Handle as many details from the one on one as possible.
                              -Typical length of care and why.
                              -All the benefits of how you structure your care plans.
                              -The frequency of care and benefits.
                              -The duration of care and what happens once correction is complete and benefits.
                              -Lifetime care and frequency of care beyond correction and benefits.
                              -The financial investment and benefits.
                               Why investing in their health and the health of their families is one of the best decisions of their lives.

    : If delivered properly, the potential client will be ready to refer immediately after the report.
                     Be sure to mention that the spouse and kids have a free check up in the first two weeks of care.
                     Everyone gets two Real People Real Stories referral cards.

    There is so much more that is beyond the scope of this introduction, but if you nail these points your conversions and referrals are going to go through the roof.

    If you have already started doing Keys #1- 3 then you are already serving more.
    Add Key #4 and your service will go to the next level. 

    Your success and your client's lives depend on this.

    Get in the Gap and train hard. Don't shrink back and sit around in your comfort zone waiting to die.

    Just like you with your clients, I may have just one shot to inspire you to take a leap of faith and do something different to save your clients.

    It's a scary world out there with all the pressures of practice and business resting on your shoulders.
    It doesn't have to be that way. You can get on top of your troubles and be the leader God has called you to be.

    Train in the pain, step into fear, and let God draw you into an awesome relationship with Him.
    Everything can and will change.

    Coach Yurij

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