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    Life is Amazing!

    December 18, 2015
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    Warrior Wisdom
    A healthy life is amazing! 

    What are you doing to keep your life amazing? What would be your strategy if you lost your health and life didn't seem so amazing?

    This is where I want to camp out today. What would you do if you lost your health?
    Marie has a medical doctor friend who has a saying that goes like this, "Everyone is healthy until they are not."
    On the surface it sounds a little cynical or pessimistic but on closer inspection it's not far from truth. 

    I think we can all agree that there are things we can do to be good stewards of our bodies.
    We can eat well, move well, think well and function well.
    We mostly act like we are going to live forever yet we live on this globe with a death sentence.
    Even the healthiest person will slow down and degenerate with time.
    I believe (and I have thousands of patients who agree with me) that it isn't so much about living a long time, although that would be nice.  
    It is more about the quality of life while we are alive.
    Being able to do the things we love to do with the people we love the most for as long as possible or as long as God gives us the breath of life.

    Life is Amazing!

    So what do you do or should you do to keep your body as healthy as possible?

    To answer that question it might help to look at what we would do if we suddenly lost our health. That tends to crystallize our true beliefs.
    What would you do if 'You were healthy and then you were not'?
    I think the strategy for staying healthy and getting back to health are very similar.
    The only difference may be the intensity of our desire to experience 'Life is Amazing'. We take it for granted until it is taken away from us.

    What would be your strategy to getting back to 'Life is Amazing'?
    This is a great question isn't it? Particularly for the chiropractors out there.
    If you had a systemic illness; heart disease, cancer, infection, what would be your number one line of defence in your strategy to regain your health?

    What would be your strategy beyond prayer and emergency medical intervention?

    Would you consider changing your diet, eliminating some foods and increasing nutrients through juicing?
    Would you focus on relaxation, getting more sleep and increasing time spent in recovery?
    Would you start or alter an existing exercise program to enhance cardiovascular fitness, increase endurance and strength?
    All of the above are great options and all are extremely important. 

    How many of you would have chosen working on the structure and function of your spine as more important than the above strategies?
    How many of you would be resolute that the nerve system working optimally would be the most important thing to bring you back to Life is Amazing? 
    To me this is a foundational question that every chiropractor needs to answer.
    We work with the amazing nerve system every day. We see what others call miracles happening in our offices on a routine basis.

    But are we really sold out that a healthy spine and nerve system is foundational to a healthy life?

    The Bible says that we are knit together in our mother's womb and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

    Psalm 139:14-15

    "I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth your eyes saw my unformed body."

    God was overseeing your creation.

    After I adjust my patients I usually finish with "the power is on!" as a reminder to them that the adjustment unleashes their innate healing potential.
    I have a patient who is an engineer who comments after every adjustment, "Back to factory specifications!". 

    Isn't it amazing that with an adjustment we can release the power that actually created us and keeps us alive?

    Ponder this with me. At conception two half cells unite and form one cell. Life in the form of a human being is created.
    That one cell begins to divide and a rudimentary nerve system is formed that then orchestrates the development of the rest of the human body.
    Thousands of different types of cells forming different tissues and organ systems.
    Such massive division and amazing growth! 9 trillion cells in 9 months and life! Life in the form of a newborn baby.

    I have a patient, a young woman, 32 weeks pregnant with her first child.
    As a man I wonder what it must be like to partner with God in this creation process.
    As a parent I'm in awe of how our two boys went from 20 inch infants to six foot, 180 lb. adults and 100 trillion cells.
    The power that created them at conception still runs their bodies today.
    Genesis 2:7 tells us where that power comes from and what it is. It comes from God and it is His very breath.
    That is what animates us from inanimate to animate. From dirt to life.

    "The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being."

    THAT is the power that is unleashed with a chiropractic adjustment. 
    Sadly, my observation is that most chiropractors graduating from chiropractic colleges around the world believe more in the power of juicing than they do in the power of an adjustment.

    Chiropractors, how serious are you about restoring your patients health and keeping them healthy?

    If you are serious about Life is Amazing then start acting like it.
    You have the answer to optimal health and yet most of you keep it a secret.

    Why would a chiropractor keep this amazing healing process a secret??
    There are only a few explanations for this; lack of confidence in their technique, fear of what people will think, stuck in their comfort zone, laziness.
    From 15 years of coaching I can tell you without a doubt that the number one reason is fear.
    Fear of a lot of different things. Fear that people will not believe that they can help. Fear of people thinking that they are doing it for the money. Fear of losing their reputation.
    Fear of losing their income from their comfortable practice.
    Don't let all this fear stop you!  It's time to step out and be courageous and serve the sick and suffering in your town!

    Get out of your four walls!  Those walls are like the walls of a prison cell.
    Inside the bars things are probably pretty tough but at the same time the familiarity is somehow comfortable.
    Maybe you get to watch TV and have access to the internet.  Life's not so bad on the inside.
    But deep down you know that there's a calling that is eating you up and if you don't act you will regret it for the rest of your life.
    You really cannot live with yourself if you don't act on what God is showing you.

    Here's the deal.  When you get out of the prison, life will be scary. You will have to learn how to function outside again.
    There will be new rules on the outside but once you bust out you will feel alive again.
    Every once in a while you will feel like crawling back into that old comfortable prison, but time spent inside will become less and less frequent as you become used to being free.

    Once you are out of prison you need to start running.
    Running around town as fast as you can announcing what you know and how you can help.

    There is a Warrior client opening up a new practice that is absolutely going for it. All the chips are pushed into the centre of the table.
    He is meeting as many people and businesses in his area as fast as possible.
    He just opened and has had 50 NP in the first few weeks. He is not slowing down and he is looking at every opportunity to tell his story.
    Failure is not an option.
    People are starting to call for appointments and his days are starting to fill up with people seeking to find out how they can get back to 'Life is Amazing'.
    He has busted out of the prison of fear and is going for it.

    Business leaders, don't for a minute think that this fear thing is a chiropractic issue.
    This applies to everyone who has a product or service to sell. The world is full of people with great ideas that never launch because of fear.
    There are professionals and consultants and sales people of every stripe who are stuck in desperate mediocrity because they don't have the courage to step out of prison and tell their story.
    Business leaders, it's time for you to bust out and reach for your full potential!

    It's time for all of us to step out of the walls that confine us and the thought patterns that bind us.
    Live in the scary place on the outside. That is where life is lived.
    Just another reason Why Life is Amazing!

    Coach Yurij

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    On Wednesday, December 30, 2015, Coach Yurij said:

    Thanks for posting your comments everyone.

    Lynn your comment really hit home for me. Everyone has a calling and gifting that is designed to help others have a 'Life that is Amazing'.

    I believe that this is one of the biggest revelations that our business clients get when they first start training with Warrior Coaching.

    They are not in business simply to create wealth and employment, rather they are there to transform the lives of their team members and their clients.

    Coach Yurij


    On Tuesday, December 29, 2015, Lynn Fraser said:

    Great wisdom. As your engineer patient recognizes, the factory specifications are perfectly designed, by the Master. Part of that design includes a "hot button" to active the amazing life. We each have one. Yours activates through chiropractic. Mine through financial fitness...other shapes, sizes, colours in various businesses but they all have the same function. I want to keep pushing the button. Thanks for the inspiration.


    On Thursday, December 24, 2015, Eric Delorme said:

    thank You Yurij!


    On Wednesday, December 23, 2015, Leo Quan said:

    Awesome inspiration Yurij! The power that made you is that power that heals you. And yes, I'm guilty of talking about juicing before talking about structure. Time to take a look at my priorities.....


    On Wednesday, December 23, 2015, Freddie So said:

    Thanks for the ADIO reminder!


    On Tuesday, December 22, 2015, Mark Foullong said:

    Psalm 118:24 Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it! AMEN


    On Monday, December 21, 2015, Denise Daigneault said:

    Amen! Just said to JG about another warrior just opening.... Already 4 new patients from a 'dead' event. I laughed! It's 4! Bingo. I love playing bingo... Silly but the endorphins and excitement that are released... BINGO every np call... Adjustment... Every like on FB... It's all a bingo fest. I had a health crisis last week and asked myself while laying in bed hardly able to speak...How do I stay in prayer? How do I utter through my lips worship when I feel so bad? I thought about the people who go through cancer and other pain filled illnesses and still have faith and worship. Freedom is going and serving with an adjustment to the homeless and poverty stricken. Move the bone and watch God. See and believe. when it's now in your heart it will come through the hands. No more head. Ok a little head ... But more heart. I'm committed to not being held back by fear. Thank you Dr Yuri


    On Monday, December 21, 2015, Brad Rusaw said:

    Amen Yurij! You probably had to take a few laps and do some air squats once you pressed send on this baby! This is an awesome reminder! There are so many sick and suffering people who are looking to be led. Thanks for the kick in the pants to be bold! Love it!


    On Saturday, December 19, 2015, Yves said:

    Life is amazing! And I am guilty of taking things like my health or relationships for granted. A friend of mine passed away suddenly Monday. No warning, game over. A strong reminder that I need to be more grateful about my blessings and more intentional about my dreams. The clock is ticking, those fears can be overcome..God bless


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