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  • Jun28Wed

    RPM-A Metaphor for LIFE

    June 28, 2017 Dr. Marie Geschwandtner
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    Warrior Wisdom
    I love Group Fitness.

    It motivates me, inspires me and and gets me better results than when I work out solely on my own.  Several mornings a week I'm on the road at 5:30am on my way to an RPM Spin class at my gym.  Much of the instruction I hear while sweating it out on the bike could be compiled into a metaphor for LIFE training.
    Pretend you're on your bike.  Think of each instruction and how it relates to your ride, and then how it could translate to your DAY to DAY life.

    Extrapolate to your three circles (Body/Mind/Spirit). Find ONE THING (pick one word) you need to improve on.

    Here's what I heard this week...

    Lights Down, Fans On, Crank the Music! 

    Let's BRING IT!

    Warm UP.  PREPARE.  Get those muscles and lungs primed for the ride.

     (Do the work.  Arrive prepared and determined.) 

    Keep Good FORM

    (Take care of yourself.  Practice Emotional Intelligence)


    (You are LOVED and CHOSEN!  Lose the guilt, shame, and living in the past.  Dream, set goals, and GO)

    MOUNTAIN Climb.  CRANK IT UP!  This is a GRIND but it's only 3 minutes so give it all you've got! 

    (What's your mountain?  Are you cranking it or crying at the bottom?)

    RACE.  Settle in, we're here for awhile. 

    (Victory is a journey.  Persistence pays off)

    RELAX your shoulders and KEEP BREAtHING! 

    (Cultivate JOY and PEACE- SMILE, Quit sweating the small stuff- and it's all small stuff)


     (I'm not kidding, they say this in my spin class)           


    (Rest, fill up with Morning Time, step into fear, keep learning)

    Interval Training.  ATTACK!  

    (At this oxygen deprived point I usually turn to my mental mentors [people who are really good at whatever it is I'm trying to do aka WWJD?  During this class I think, what would (my son) Olexa do?  Read his blog 'Train in the Pain' from JUNE9/2016 to find out).               

    YOU got up EARLY for this!  TAKE WHAT YOU WANT! 

    (This always gets me.  News flash. I'm not here [in this class or this LIFE] to dog it. Don't quit when it gets hard. Strong and getting STRONGER!)


    (AHHH..we can't go full out full time.  Rest is essential)

    Give Your Neighbour a HIGH FIVE!  Great Job! 

    (Be intentional about doing life in relationship. Celebrate!)


    Rhythm, Power, and Moving to the Music of LIFE.  Are you BRINGING IT?

    What is your ONE THING?  



    On Thursday, July 20, 2017, Leo Quan said:

    Thank you Marie! It's so true, how we do our workouts translates into our lives and our 3 circles. Getting deep into this morning's workout.


    On Monday, July 10, 2017, Freddie said:

    Love the thoughts Marie. And it's the short phrases and one liners that help me when training in the pain! Thanks!


    On Thursday, June 29, 2017, Steve Lippitt said:

    Great post! It's amazing what revelations show up when we raise our awareness, are intentional with our day, and present in the moment. Thanks Marie!


    On Thursday, June 29, 2017, Lindsay B said:

    I love this. I know that there is always something I can learn, and this is especially true for me when it is words I have heard before. My one thing is CONSISTENCY. Too often I give up before I see the results of my efforts. Thanks for blogging today, I love to hear from you!


    On Wednesday, June 28, 2017, Alana said:

    Thanks for the incredible insight and pushing perspectives for me! My one is focus. Be all in when I am with my family and all in when I am with patients. Quality and intent is my focus. I do remember your son's blog and refresh the message in my head. Alana


    On Wednesday, June 28, 2017, Angela Barrow said:

    Thank you Marie! I love your writing style and your creative approach to this blog! My one word is CULTIVATE! Whether it be peace and joy, relationships or discipline; cultivating and being intentional about living a God-centred, purpose driven (thank you Rick Warren) is what I want to continue to improve upon. Thank you for taking the time to share this message!


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