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  • Sep26Mon

    Seize the Opportunity!

    September 26, 2016
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    Warrior Wisdom

    When opportunity knocks some people open the door and walk through or even run and jump through, while others don't even answer the door.

    I hope that this doesn't come off as a bit of a rant but it just might.

    A recent edition of a chiropractic magazine had some statistics from a survey that they had done with Canadian Chiropractors. It was shocking to read how many chiropractors were struggling in practice. Only 22% were seeing more than 150 patients per week. At the top end only 2% were seeing more than 300 per week. The sad thing is that there are thousands of people that desperately need chiropractic care and there are chiropractors out there that could be helping them, but they are not.
    Could the reason be that the sick and suffering people don't even know that the chiropractor exists?

    Business guys, before you get feeling all smug about this, I would say that business owners are not doing a lot better, maybe even worse. In personal conversation with many business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs, the stats are pretty dismal as well, with very high 5 year failure rates for business startups.

    Warrior is putting on a Tactical Training session in Ottawa on October 15th. It is a proven program that gets results.

    Our chiropractic clients outperform the top performers in the survey hands down. Our business leaders are experiencing similar if not greater growth. We have predictable growth and success rates across many industries.  
    How can this be possible? 

    Here it is. After becoming clients and experiencing Warrior from the inside, Josh and Braeden at Crew Marketing Partners defined Warrior this way:

    'Warrior Coaching is an intense and fulfilling personal performance program for professional service providers.'  

    I describe it a program that helps to set people free to live life full out.

    Warrior changes people from the inside out. That is why we can help across so many industries. People run businesses and businesses are only as successful as the people who run them. 

    People run businesses and businesses are only as successful as the people who run them.

    The program starts at 5 am. It involves a run and workout first thing. There is active participation. There is time to discuss physical, soul and spiritual wellbeing. It's intense.
    What did you expect, some kind of soft program that will change your life without the need to work hard?  That doesn't exist.
    You have to work hard to find yourself.
    Think about it.  What would better help you figure out what you are made of: a 2 km fun run or an Ironman Triathlon?
     What would make you mine your soul for the meaning of your existence: starting your workout at 5am with a run that you didn't know where it would end, or hitting the snooze button?

    We will have a great group to train with in Ottawa!   That gets me excited.
    What gets me mad, and sad, is the people that need to be there and won't come. If that is you, ask yourself, what are you afraid of?

    Be truthful and honest with yourself. I don't want to know the excuses that you will give me as to why you cannot come. I want you to look inside and tell me what you are afraid of. What is holding you back?

    It's ok to be afraid, we are all afraid at times. What's not ok is to let fear stop you from taking action and laying claim to the life that you have been given.

    Are you living or dying? Are you sitting around in desperation waiting for the next new patient or business client  to call or walk through the front door?

    You cannot save yourself by sitting there not taking action. You have to stand up and with some indifference to your own survival, start to fight your way out of your slumber.

    Are you willing to waste any more time?

    You are one courageous step away from a complete breakthrough!

    Courage is taking action in the face of fear. You can do it. 

    Keep training in the pain, stepping into fear, and walking with the Lord.

    Coach Yurij


    On Monday, October 3, 2016, Yurij said:

    The statistics were from the Canadian Chiropractor magazine. Not sure of the exact issue but it was in the summer. It is posted online at www.canadianchiropractor.ca


    On Thursday, September 29, 2016, Dr. Heidi Benda said:

    Thanks Yurij. Your blog rings true with me. I still remember when I realized there was more I could do with my life but wasn't moving forward. I joined WARRIOR in January 2005. Nervous but willing, I literally "ran and jumped" through the door when you announced our first training exercise! Since I accepted your invitation, there has been no looking back in my refinement. You are absolutely right how it takes training and stepping out in action. You are a knowledgeable coach & I'm grateful for your expert approach.


    On Tuesday, September 27, 2016, Stephen Lippitt said:

    Yurij, what magazine was that statistic from? I'd be interested in having it as a reference for some of the people I've already sent tactical invitations to as a way to follow up with them.

    Warrior is continuing to change me and I'm grateful everyday for the opportunities to hang out with fellow Warriors. I'm so much more joyful being my authentic self more often. That alone has been huge. Thanks again!


    On Tuesday, September 27, 2016, Leo Quan said:

    Thanks Coach! I am going to seek out my next gap because of this blog.

    It's true, I can't go through life hitting the snooze and expect breakthrough growth.


    On Monday, September 26, 2016, David Covey said:

    I would not have been in practice had it not been for Warrior. Instead I am setting new records on a regular basis! What a privilege to train with the Olympians in Chiropractic and business. How can you be around world changers and not experience transformation yourself?


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