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  • The key to getting the most out of the strategies I'm presenting is to [pick one strategy and create an action step for it].

    I talked to a few Warrior Coaching clients after posting Part 1 and got some good feedback.  "I really connected with the strategy to not waste time during the down times" or "I often do the easy things that I like and avoid the important things that are hard for me."
    My response was to ask what they are doing about it? What is the action step?"
    Without an action step, nothing will change!

    Soul Training- Part 2, Steps 4-6

    4. Train on Public Speaking.
    Nothing other than death causes more fear than speaking in front of a group!   But, if you really want to get your story out, share your passion, and fulfill your calling, you need to be effective in speaking to groups. It doesn't matter what industry you are in, every business person has something to sell. If you are unable to communicate what it is you are selling and the why behind it, you will not succeed. 

    The best way to get over the fear of speaking is to get up and do it. Do it over and over and over again and eventually your fear and anxiety will dissipate. Once you are able to get in front of groups without dying it's time to improve your effectiveness as a public speaker. A great strategy is to video yourself often and analyze it yourself and have a coach give you feedback. I recommend using video every week. Record your Report of Findings and watch parts of it every week to keep yourself sharp. Remember your enthusiasm for the story will trump good content every time. Get excited! 

    5. Always Expect Change.
    Things will happen today that are not going to go according to your plan. Dozens of things will go 'wrong' today.  How you react or respond to them will determine the success of your day. By understanding ahead of time that change is inevitable and that you are going to have to adapt to it frees you to maintain a better attitude and make better decisions. If you expect change, change won't surprise you and throw you off your game.
    Yesterday, after writing a draft of this blog, I wanted to set up my bike on a trainer for an indoor bike workout. I got my bike out, changed the rear tire and went to set the bike on the trainer only to realize that my new bike with its through axle doesn't fit on the trainer. So, expecting change and keeping a good attitude, I headed into the garage, pulled down my road bike and proceeded to set it up on the trainer. Everything fit until I realized I left my road shoes at the cabin. Still anticipating change and being mindful of maintaining a good attitude, I decided to head to the gym and had a great endurance workout on a bike, ski erg and rower instead. (Full discloser, that's not how it always works out.)

    6. Have Urgency in Fulfilling Your Purpose and Your Goals.
    Urgency is created and enhanced by understanding your why. The bigger the why, the more urgency you will have. A big why, along with increased urgency and enthusiasm are a knock out combination that guarantees success. 

    This is a great time of year to really dive deep into what drives you and get solid on what your why is. The next Warrior Coaching seminar is our Dreams to Goals seminar. It is specifically designed to help you get clarity on dreams and goals and your why. This in turn will drive your urgency in taking necessary action steps. 

    What is the one action step you need to take right now to move you towards success?

    Coach Yurij


    On Monday, December 17, 2018, Stephen Lippitt said:

    Ok, glad I'm not the only one who has things fail to go exactly to plan during the day. I know I respond better to those challenges when I ask myself "How is this serving me? What can I learn from this challenge?" and use that to choose my next action step. Thanks Yurij!

    You are welcome. Important to see the blessing in our perceived challenges.
    Coach Yurij 


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