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Warrior Wisdom

Dr. Yurij provides weekly coaching messages to help you live out your God given purpose.

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  • Today I'm going to share the first 3 of 21 strategies for getting things done by harnessing the power of your soul.
    Your soul is defined as your mind, will, and emotions

    1. Don't be afraid of hard work and work hard on the right things.
    Get organized in your Zone 2 times and develop consistent work habits. Zone 2 is the time from when you enter the office (be it physical or virtual) to the time you leave. The greatest gains in productivity come from being more productive during your down times and also being more efficient when you are working. During down times you need to stay focused and continue to get productive work done.  Don't waste time!  Typical time wasters include checking email, checking social media, chit chatting with others at the office. You are avoiding the important things that need to get done for a little pleasure. Save the pleasure for when Zone 2 is over.

    2. Get organized.
    Time is your most valuable asset. Get out your WarriorWay90Day and use it! Have your GAP projects written out, follow through on your next steps, and hold someone (and yourself) accountable for the outcomes. 

    3. Work on things in the order of greatest priority.
    Take the time during vision time to revisit the Lynch Pin exercise and make sure you are working on the things that will get you closer to your goals and help you to fulfill your calling. We often work on things that come easy to us and resist the pain of doing something outside of our comfort zone- even when we absolutely know that the painful stuff will multiply our results. Get real with yourself and stop working hard on the time wasters.

    Keep your mind in the game.

    Coach Yurij


    On Saturday, December 15, 2018, Yves said:

    Thanks Yurij. I agree that I want to and need to be productive in zone 2. I also like your reminder that if today is going to be the best day, I need to enjoy and have fun in the process. Lately that has been a challenge in zone 2. Merry Christmas


    On Monday, December 10, 2018, David Covey said:

    Distractions and trying to do too many things at one time are my battles. I love the emphasis on simplicity, being single minded, and being 100% focused on 1 thing at a time.


    On Saturday, December 8, 2018, Brad P. said:

    Great coaching and reminder. So easy to get off track w the busyness of work and life.


    On Friday, December 7, 2018, Dmitri Sokolov said:

    All day vision time! Multiple project been nailed. I like to hit my list with the strong encouragement of Warrior Wisdom! Thanks Coach Yurij!


    On Friday, December 7, 2018, Stephen Lippitt said:

    It feels like these first three are likely the most pivotal things for me to work on, and have been the most chronic things I've unintentionally avoided. I'm continually amazed at how I can think I'm being focused and diligent, yet with reflection and honest realize how much time gets wasted. Then suddenly it's 10 years later, and I'm still dealing with the same stuff. Your post is speaking volumes to my heart, and is where I want to put all my energy this quarter. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience.


    On Friday, December 7, 2018, Denise Tomlin said:

    The 'get real with yourself' is very wise. I am very productive but do avoid doing the Hard stuff that I need to do at times. Had that conversation with myself this morning.

    Thanks Coach!


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