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  • Jun18Thu

    The Chiropractic "Mulligan"

    June 18, 2015
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    Warrior Wisdom

    Whether you need a mulligan or a do-over, it doesn't really matter. 

    What matters is that you take it!  Seize the opportunity for a fresh start. 

    In Warrior we approach both the mulligan and the do-over in a similar fashion. 

    They both require ongoing improved action to get an improved outcome. They both require ongoing correct training. With improper training you can train all your life and end up at the same wrong place.

    It is well described as being a life under construction. To be even more accurate, it is a life of construction, tearing down and reconstructing on all areas all the time. 

    At Leadership Summit before the run I asked everyone if they could be 1% more full out on the Saturday run than the run on Friday.  Pretty much everyone agreed that they could go 1% harder and some committed to effort levels over 10% harder. That tells me two things: 

      1. Warriors, team members, and families are all about going more full out
      2. That even in a community like Warrior where full out is in our DNA, it is still human nature to hold back a little

    That is why it is so important to commit to a life philosophy where we allow ourselves to risk and make mistakes, to fall down and get back up, to constantly live for the construction/reconstruction cycle.

    It is so easy to get sucked into staying comfortable, or become so uncomfortable that we get paralyzed. In each case it leads to stagnation. 

    We become a stinky, swampy, muddy mess.   This is where and when we need our mulligan or a redo.

    That mulligan or redo is available, we just need to get the courage to swing the club again. 

    This can be very scary...There sits your first ball just beyond the end of the tee box...The next foursome has arrived and you have to take another swing at the ball...Anxious, heart beating, palms sweaty and mouth turning dry you commit to the swing.

    You have had enough of playing small!

    You get out the big stick with a toaster on the end of it and you swing for the fences! 'Who cares where it goes' you say, 'if I'm going down I'm going down swinging!'

    When you get to that place, that place where you are beyond caring about what anyone else thinks or says or does, that is when you start to connect with the ball. That is when you earnestly sow seed everywhere, not really caring if not all of it bears fruit.

    The best way to approach the mulligan and the redo is to commit to it constantly.  If we are constantly under construction and relentlessly pursuing the next level of full out, we will be forever growing. 

    That is where life happens. When we are growing we are alive and when we stop growing we begin to slowly rot away.

    Take action!!
    Listen to God in the morning and take action on what He shows you. 
    The Warriors that commit to doing this whole heartedly are the ones that grow the most. 

    I think I used up all the Warrior cliche's in this one Wisdom but I believe they all fit!  
    No matter where you are, whether at the top of your game or taking a mulligan, commit to being constantly under construction and keep after that next 1% of full out. 

    That is your guarantee of success.

    Coach Yurij


    On Thursday, October 1, 2015, C. Gus Tsiapalis said:

    "Listen to God in the morning and take action on what he says"....thank you for your reminder, insight and loving example of how to achieve alignment in this short but sweet life of ours Dr. Yurij. From our Chiropractic family to yours, we send our blessings always from Above Down and Inside Out both for who you are and all you and Marie do for Chiropractic!

    Sincerely, Drs. Gus & Jacqueline Tsiapalis, Family Chiropractors Vaughan Chiropractic and Optimal Spinal Health in Milton


    On Monday, July 13, 2015, Angela Barrow said:

    As I go back and read this again, I find the words so fitting for the journey He has me/us on at this time. However, when I chose to look past the impact this has on my life and look at the lives of my patients, I become filled with even more excitement! The excitement comes from knowing that the Lord could/can/will use these words to speak into the hearts and change the lives of those He has placed in my office and in my life. Thank you Yurji.


    On Monday, June 22, 2015, Mark Foullong said:

    Wisdom for 'that place' - Trust in Him and follow His lead and never stop swingin'! Count me in! Thanks Coach!


    On Friday, June 19, 2015, Stephen Lippitt said:

    Thanks for the reminder coach. I've often succumbed to the idea that there's a goal or a place to "get to", and forget about the process and the journey. This speaks to the idea of constantly stretching for what's possible, and discovering strength you didn't realize was there. I've found it to be a much healthier mind set to live from.


    On Friday, June 19, 2015, Dr. Julie Donoso said:

    Brilliant coach! Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement. I plan to keep on swinging!!!


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