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    Vision Becomes Reality

    October 16, 2015
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    Vision & Reality

    I'm sure that you have heard of sayings like "you become what you think about", "be, do, have", or "thoughts are things", etc.

    What these sayings mean is that essentially, your mind controls your altitude in every area of your life.

    I have met many aspiring leaders who had a negative self image and low confidence levels which really hindered their productivity.

    As a matter of fact,  I believe we all suffer from some form of inferiority complex as compared to what God created us to be, caused by negative experiences in our past. (For more on this and to find out who God truly made you to be, go to Camp).

    I'll get you to draw out a visual for yourself.  Don't skip this part, actually do it right now:
    • Get out your journal and turn to a fresh page
    • Put a dot in the centre of this fresh page
    • Draw three concentric circles from the dot

    The area between the dot, which is you, and the first line is your comfort zone. Within this zone you operate with a level of comfort and confidence and therefore achieve good results.

    The next line defines your area of potential competence and should also closely resemble your future goal line. This area between your comfort zone and your competence or goal line is your unrealized potential.

    The goal is to expand your comfort line right out to the goal line.

    Finally the next line represents goals beyond what you are aware of and beyond your area of competence

    Three of the things that make life exciting are:

    1. Having a vision of your goal line
    2. Creating a strategy to transform yourself, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually to achieve that goal.
    3. Have the expectation that over time with the right training you can expand to a previously impossible goal line that you have no conscious ability to comprehend.

    How do you do that?

    How do you live your life so that it is ever expanding instead of the norm which is 'steady as she goes' and then shrinking?

    The answer lies in three simple strategies: Morning time, Vision time and Agape training.

    1. Morning time allows you to spend time with your Heavenly Father and let Him tell you what He thinks about you. As you read the Word, God will reveal hidden truths to you.

    Here is an example of how morning time helps to expand and take over the area outside of your comfort zone.

    The other day I was reading Luke 15 in The Message. God was showing me how much He cares for me and how much He loves me.  

    The first story was the story of the lost sheep. I have felt like a lost sheep enough times in my life to know that this story was about me. Many of you know the story. The shepherd realizes that he is missing one of his sheep (me), so he leaves the rest of the ninety nine and goes off into the wilderness looking for me. When he finds me, he puts me on his shoulders and carries me back and then celebrates with everyone because of my return.

    Next was the story of the lost coin.  A woman who lost one of 10 silver coins searched for that one lost coin leaving no cushion unturned until she found it. Again, she has a celebration with her friends because of her good fortune.

    And finally, the story of the prodigal son. The younger son insults his father by asking for his inheritance early. He then goes off to a foreign land and wastes the entire inheritance on undisciplined living. He ends up working feeding pigs and is literally starving before he decides to return to his father.

    Here is what really got me this week;  The father came running to the son, not the other way around.

    I often feel comfort knowing that I can run to my Father in times of trouble but I often miss that my Father was running to me. That changes everything though. The level of understanding of God's love for me goes much deeper (and wider and higher as well).

    That revelation in my morning time changes everything about how I experience my day.

    Getting a glimpse of how much my Heavenly Father loves me gives me the courage to step into whatever lies beyond my comfort zone line.

    For the next few days and weeks the image I am focused on throughout my day is Jesus carrying me on His shoulders.

    I really cannot do on my own what He is calling me to. I have to rely on His strength and not my own.

    When I want to succumb to feelings of anger, fear, inferiority, or any feeling other than joy of being in relationship with God and others, I just have to see the image of Jesus carrying me. 

    Practically, it allows me to push into the zone between my comfort line and my goal line. This is revelation that I need everyday if I truly want to live my life to the fullest.

    2Vision time does the same thing but it does something much bigger as well.

    Vision times helps me understand what needs to happen in the zone within the goal line and, if done consistently over time, it expands my goal line.

    For me, vision time is like an expanded morning time with time spent asking God for insights into how to hit my goals and also asking what the next set of goals should look like.

    Vision time actually increases competence and expands our goals into uncharted territory.  It is a time to sit quietly and seek God's voice and His wisdom on His plan for your life.

    He will never give you more than you can handle, but it never feels like something that can be easily handled.

    Vision time gives us a strategy to constantly expand our goal borders.

    3.  Agape training.

    This is where the rubber hits the road. Morning time and vision time provide information but the training helps us to execute.

    Train your physical body for life. That's right, for life!!
    That's why you do physical training.  Because it gives you the best chance to stay alive and vital and healthy to fulfill your God given purpose. You cannot live the dream if you are dead.

    Get off the couch and go have an epic workout of some sort.

    Seriously, as you all know it's so easy to avoid the tough workouts and let your health slip until something bad happens. Don't wait!  Commit to your training schedule now. 

    Break the training down into different categories. Different disciplines: e.g. swim, bike, run, elliptical, weights, combat, TRX etc.

    Different physiological parameters: strength, intensity, endurance, balance, mobility, flexibility.
    Do 2 to 4 units every day with one rest day.
    A 3 unit day could look like this:

    • 30 minutes in the gym doing strength followed by 15 minutes of stretching. Add a 30 minute high intensity run with short intervals in the afternoon 
    • The next day could be a 2 unit day with a 1 to 2 hour endurance ride followed by a 15 minute mobility session working on range of motion, body alignment and symmetry. 

    Mix it up as much as possible and you will see massive changes in how you feel and how you can execute throughout your day within 3 weeks.

    Train your soul:  your mind will and emotions.
    Step into fear when fear appears, but do more then that.  Train your mind and train your brain with best practices.

    Train to exhaustion on every possible procedure and script and scenario that will ever come up in your office. If you train hard enough you will have the answers when you need them.

    Train your soul to stay with your new name.
    Keep a vivid motion picture in your mind on how you operate and how you deal with everyday events when you are in your new name. 

    Train your spirit.  We already discussed it above but it's worth repeating here. Get up early, read the Word, journal, pray and worship. This leads to secure attachment to God and to others which is the formula for getting more joy in your life. 

    If you do this you will transform your identity back to where God had you before all the negative influences stepped in and you will be able to live in your identity.  

    Wow!  How good is that?!
    This is not easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

    Getting up early is hard but it's worth it.
    Setting time aside for vision time is difficult but it's worth it.
    Going hard in a workout is not easy but it's worth it.

    You have an amazing tool in the WarriorWay90Day to organize and schedule everything into place. Use it. Get everything on paper.

    Ask yourself:

    • Have I been doing what it takes to move out the lines in my circles and claim the new territory that God is giving me?
    • Have I been playing Full Out or have I been playing a small game?

    Today is a new day. Don't let it be Groundhog Day.
    Do something, anything, different.


    Coach Yurij


    On Monday, October 26, 2015, Leo Quan said:

    I've been consistently doing morning time for a month and it makes a HUGE difference! Been doing vision time consistently for the past few weeks and I'm really getting into that too. It's where I put stare fear in the face and plan and envision my way through it. Thanks!


    On Wednesday, October 21, 2015, Brad P. said:

    Yurij - exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank you for the encouragement!


    On Monday, October 19, 2015, Steve Lippitt said:

    I've found that even showing up and making effort with morning time, vision time, and training moves me forward. I know I've got more room to grow, but the possibilities seem bigger and more exciting the more time I spend here. Who knows where it leads?


    On Monday, October 19, 2015, Lynn said:

    Thanks Yuri for this. As I drew it out, I found a desire to reach the outer-edges. A great visual for vision time.


    On Friday, October 16, 2015, Joshua Nikkanen said:

    Definitely going to step into my training more.


    On Friday, October 16, 2015, Jaye said:

    Thanks for the reminder! So good to get nudged back on track! (with love!) I know how different my life is when I am doing my morning time, drawing closer to God, feeling His presence all through the day, hanging out in vision and seeking to surrender more of my will to His will, and training - EVERYTHING is more peaceful, joyful and clearer. And when I am not, and I am living fully in my own free will, I am so unsettled and anxious and NOT joyful! EVERYTHING kinda sucks! Why then would I keep falling off the path I ask - but I guess what is important is that I feel it and I get back on track!! So important not just for my own joy and peace in life, but this impacts ALL relationships and all aspects of my life. Thanks again for the clear summary and the nudge!! God bless


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