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  • Aug28Tue

    Who is Your Audience?

    Who are you performing for? August 28, 2018 Enhancing Human Performance
    I was recently reading that humans were designed to get all their affirmation, acknowledgement and security from God. That was what it was like for Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. All they needed was provided by God and they walked in the garden and were not at all aware that they were naked. They had a perfect relationship with God.

    Then the fall happened.
    Adam and Eve were tricked by Satan into sinning against God and their perfect relationship was broken.

    Ever since then men and women have struggled to get their affirmation, security and acknowledgement from others. All of a sudden we went from perfect relationship with God to fighting for a pecking order in different groups and performing for an audience of our peers- instead of an audience that was God alone.

    This journey into a deeper relationship with God and discovering the power of His love has been transformational and such a blessing for me. Being able to share it with the Warrior community and others that I intersect with has made it that much richer.  There is such power in knowing through your stories that God's redemptive love transforms lives. All human beings are designed to run on the fuel of God's love.  Everything else is a poor substitute.

                                               All human beings are designed to run on the perfect fuel of God's love.

    I recently asked Brad Rusaw to share a little bit about his 'love project' journey.  Here is an excerpt from his response.

    My Love Project!

     "To reflect on my love project, I need to go back to the beginning.  I left the Leadership seminar in Toronto very agitated.  In our first week home, my agitated state was brought to my attention several times by those closest to me.  Something was off, and I needed to figure it out.  Bottom line, I had been a physical slug for about 3 years after a bout with Lyme disease, and I knew in the bottom of my heart God was calling me out.  So the transformation of my physical state of being while staying close to God began.  I didn’t want to just power through out of newfound determination and discipline, I wanted to experience transformation in relationship with Jesus.  The beauty of Jesus is: even though I will never be just like him, I can be WITH him.  I can invite him to be with me at anytime.  This makes all the difference.

     How has this played out so far?  If I were to use a few words to describe the greatest transformation that has occurred, they would be OVERWHELMING PEACE!  It is hard to describe, but it is this feeling in my core that God is working everything out for good.  I think of Jesus in the boat when the storm came.  Even though panicking disciples, rough waters and howling winds surrounded him, he was perfect peace.  From his inner peace he spoke with authority and calmed the sea.  I am getting glimpses of his peace this summer as storms come and I move through them.  It is so amazing.  Storms that would have taken me out in the past barely alter my course now.  Thank-you Jesus.

     As I write this, I am 10 pounds lighter and on my way to my goal, but I am so much closer to LOVE than I ever could have imagined.  I am excited for CAMP to see what God has in store and I am thankful for Warrior and the life-saving training."

    An amazing share!  Keep up the good work Warriors!  Journal daily and fuel up- keeping your focus on God's loving relationship with you. It makes all the difference.

    Get excited!   Camp 1 and the NEW YOU is coming quickly!

    Love Yurij


    On Wednesday, August 29, 2018, Angela Barrow said:

    I feel like I am repeating what everyone else is saying....the love project is TRANSFORMATIONAL! If someone were to be looking in on my life, I am not sure what difference they would see this 34th day but I know that change is happening. My heart has changed and I know my focus has changed. I fully trust that God is chipping away and molding me more into who He has called me to be. Focusing on how I am receiving His love, sharing His love, seeing Him as a mentor and living a surrendered life have allowed me to dig deeper and search deeper for all the ways. Pete Williams' question on the call yesterday about loving God back was so profound. I guess I have just assumed that He doesn't need anything from me....He's God. He may not NEED anything from me but He WANTS something from me. He wants my love too. So this morning, I asked Him the question: "God, please reveal to me how you want me to love You back." My ears are open to his answer.


    On Wednesday, August 29, 2018, Stephen Lippitt said:

    Thanks for the share Yurij and Brad. I've heard and felt God's love through this project as a soft and steady voice that loves and guides me. Less stress, more trust. Praise God!


    On Wednesday, August 29, 2018, Denise Tomlin said:

    I am on Day#49 of my LOVE Project and taking the time to Reflect intentionally on Him and His goodness and whether or not I am receiving, loving and sharing it has been very grounding for me. I have stepped into a set out 90 day physical program and committed to a new nutrition program to be as healthy as I can be and DON'T FEEL AS IF I AM STRIVING!! I feel free and at peace while stepping those areas out as well as many others. WHAT A BLESSING!!!


    On Tuesday, August 28, 2018, David Covey said:

    I would echo the same comments as Brad. This year has been a very big storm of selling our beautiful home, my refuge in nature. My wife and I have not been in agreement as to a plan. But God has been leading and giving peace along the way. Learning to receive God's love and love others has been big for me.


    On Tuesday, August 28, 2018, Yves said:

    The LOVE project it truly transformational. For me it started slow. It is now a natural daily focus that I look forward to in morning time and throughout the day. Each week has brought different angles of areas of transformation. The recurring theme is that I need God's love to be the best me. Receiving God's love is helping me realize that in some areas of my life i am not full out and still trying to do things on my own strength. My eyes are becoming more open to signs that guide my reflections and shed light on my path. Thanks Yurij.


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