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  • Feb21Wed

    Strategies to Hit Your Goals in 2018

    How to Hit your Goals February 21, 2018 Enhancing personal performance
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    Here is a short note discussing why most people miss the target on their goals and how to avoid those pitfalls.

    As discussed on our coaching call this month, the four main reasons that goals are missed are fear of man, fear of change, unexpected negative circumstances and plain old lack of discipline. You can add poor organization to that list but all of you are using your WarriorWay90Day so it shouldn't apply to you. Right? 

    The four main reasons that goals are missed:
    Fear of man, fear of change, unexpected negative circumstances, and lack of discipline.

    To avoid getting trapped in these pit falls you need to understand that you will most likely fall into all four of them during your journey into your goal action plan.
    The worst thing that you can do is attend a seminar, set a bunch of goals, and then expect that there won't be any opposition. If it was going to be easy, chances are you would already have achieved your goals.

    The key to hitting your goals is always about training, and training is about process and learning to love the journey.
    For example, let's look at a goal of growing your business. How will the four pitfalls potentially affect you as you step into achieving your goal?

    1. The old you is going to show up. You are going to have to make a decision to be strong and courageous and step into the fear of talking to people who may be interested in your product or service.

    2. There will be a strong gravitational pull to keep things the same.  Growth always requires change and causes uncomfortable fear.

    3. Chances are that something will happen at the office or at home that will cause you to get distracted.

    4. Your discipline will be challenged. New patterns of behaviour are going to be needed to create and achieve new goals.

    This can happen with goals in every area.

    As an example, Joe Smith came to the Warrior Coaching Dreams to Goals seminar in January and one of his goals was to lose 20 lbs by July 1, 2018. He left the seminar excited and determined to hit his goal. His goal was specific, it was measurable, he created accountability, and he had a timeline. Failure was impossible right?

    When he got home he has tired from lack of sleep, traveling and running. He reached for a high carb comfort food but managed to put it away. Two weeks later he was hosting the boys for a Super Bowl party. A few pops and some wings were irresistible. You know how this is going to end. It could be all over by the next morning... unless what?   Unless he has his mind set on process and not outcomes.
    With process in mind this is just one inevitable step on an exciting journey towards a successful goal. He needs to get back to training, talk to his accountability partner, create a better strategy with his coach and step into it again. And again.

    Success is never a linear journey. Expecting and preparing for the ups and the downs will keep you moving towards achieving your goals. With training, you will develop into a person that can step into fear, handle unexpected negative circumstances and become more disciplined. You will become that person that hits their goals.

    You are worth the investment in yourself. Enjoy the ride.

    Coach Yurij


    On Monday, February 26, 2018, Stephen Lippitt said:

    I do that again and again. However, I do find encouragement in that I've noticed when I "fall off" my discipline, I don't fall as far off as before, and I have been getting back "on track" faster. I realize I'll still likely fall, but quicker resets seem to help a lot. Thanks Yurij.


    On Saturday, February 24, 2018, Yves Laliberte said:

    been there done that! change is hard for sure and totally agree that staying focused on training makes the difference. Thanks Yurij!


    On Saturday, February 24, 2018, Dr. Mark Foullong said:

    Two thumbs up! How true.


    On Saturday, February 24, 2018, Brad Rusaw said:

    Awesome Yurij! And bang on too! I didn’t realize my name was actually Joe Smith? Thanks for the encouragement as always. Love you and see you on Thursday!


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