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  • Mar9Wed

    What Is Your Crazy?

    March 9, 2016
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    The answer lies in FREEDOM.

    My observation in 30 years of practice and 15 years of coaching is that if a person is free to be who God designed them to be and they are operating in their calling they will end up being outrageously successful.

    In Warrior we are doing the coach changeover this month and I get the privilege of coaching a crop of people that I haven't coached for at least a year.

    I posed this challenge to them.  Focus on freedom. The freer you become, the bigger impact you will have and the faster you will grow.

    Thankfully, Warrior Coaching clients already have an idea who they really are because they had the question 'Who am I?' answered at CAMP1.
    However, knowing who you are and what you are supposed to achieve in your life does not mean that you will do it.
    Actually most people won't get a fraction done of what they are supposed to achieve.
    That is very sad but it is a reality.

    Lots of great people with great potential settle for mediocrity because they are not free to be who they are.

    Assuming you know who you were designed to be, here are the two stumbling blocks to living free. 

    1. You try to be someone you are not and therefore are not authentic and people cannot get past that.

    2. You try to be yourself but are too afraid to step into the journey because it is full of uncertainty and requires a tremendous amount of risk.

    That's it. It is that simple. Conquer these two points and you will be free to grow.

    In chiropractic circles there is a lore that says you have to be a little (or a lot) crazy to build a big practice.

    It goes back to our developer BJ Palmer. Most would have seen him as a bit of a crack pot.
    In more recent history we hear stories of eccentric chiropractors seeing hundreds of people a day doing crazy things. 

    There was a story of an old timer in the Ottawa area that used to yell at his patients. If a patient missed visits or got off schedule he would go off on them, yelling at them to try to straighten them out.
    I get the image of a fearful new grad observing this seasoned doctor and this doctor stepping into every moment of truth with every patient because lives were on the line.
    This new grad cannot believe that this guy is talking to his patients like that because he doesn't have the same beliefs and he doesn't have the ability to tell the truth. 

    The new grad would be too afraid of confronting his patients for fear of losing them, yet not telling them what they need to hear will drive them out anyway.

    That is exactly what you do need to do. You need to be a little crazy. You need to risk losing someone in order for them to know the truth.
    If you do that the opposite of your fears will happen. You may lose a few who are not ready to hear but you will grow an army of followers who will respect you because you stepped in the Gap for them. 

    Time to be yourself, embrace uncertainty, take risks and be a little crazy.

    Coach Yurij


    On Thursday, March 17, 2016, Leo Quan said:

    Crazy? Nawww. It's just going against the grain. Thanks for telling us THE TRUTH that most people don't tell the truth. Where I can tell the truth? Need to talk to a certain someone to come to the next seminar....


    On Sunday, March 13, 2016, Lindsay said:

    In the past I've wrongly connected 'telling the truth' with being 'mean' to someone. I've learned over the past few years that telling the truth isn't mean, it's truly a way of showing someone how much you care for them and love them. Great blog Coach!


    On Thursday, March 10, 2016, Stephen Lippitt said:

    This seems to be a very good idea to focus on daily, and CHOOSE to do/be daily. I would imagine that deeper layers would be revealed each day. Part of God's vision unfolding!


    On Wednesday, March 9, 2016, Freddie So said:

    Freedom! Sounds like Braveheart!


    On Wednesday, March 9, 2016, Steve Landry said:

    All IN!! Always Faithful!!


    On Wednesday, March 9, 2016, Yves said:

    Great advice and not so crazy! Most clients appreciate being told the truth because it is seldom what they get. Thanks Yurij!


    On Wednesday, March 9, 2016, Brad Rusaw said:

    I love it Yurij. It's exciting to walk in freedom in the moments I experience it. We were created to shine so those around us are drawn to the light. The more we go after the dreams God has placed in our hearts, the greater the freedom we experience. Thanks for the amazing reminder Yurij. Bless you!


    On Wednesday, March 9, 2016, Mark Foullong said:

    Awesome wisdom Coach! You're as cuckoo as they come!!!


    On Wednesday, March 9, 2016, Clarise Chan said:

    "You need to risk losing someone in order for them to know the truth."- Amen! We're either all in or all out. I'm tired of being lukewarm. I'm tired of holding back. I've done that for far too long. I'm at the point now that I'm willing to risk it all, commit to the process and do whatever it takes for Jesus. That is my new narrow with Him. Thank you for the reminder to go against the grain, be my true authentic self, and to do and say the things that need to be said. Freedom!


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